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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by EDL, Jan 5, 2001.

  1. EDL

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    For those of you who use Design Imaging Group (DIG), how do you like the new design ware qoute, I found it much easier to understand just fooling around with it. I will sit down later in the week and give it a test run. The older version i could rarely get to accept data from plantscape, hope this one works better
  2. Lanelle

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    Is this the new version of Landquote that you are referring to? When I called DIG recently, they indicated that the beta version was out but they weren't ready to ship a fully tested version yet. I would very much like to know about the capabilities of the new version. I understand that the new version of Design Imaging will export to Land Quote. Since our company has a lot of their software, we have a high level of interest in their products.
  3. EDL

    EDL LawnSite Member
    from MA
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    Lanelle this is the new version of landquote, it is the beta version, but looks very promising. I do not know if it can be exported to land qoute it seems possible, I just haven't had the time to fool around with it that much. Do you know what the price will be for the new software. Also does your company do the designs at the office or in the field, I was thinking of buying a note pad computer and design the jobs in front of the customers. In hoping this would sell more jobs and close on the jobs much faster. Tom
  4. Lanelle

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    We charge for our design services so I take a picture of the project site with our digital camera and go back to the office to do the work. I make a return appointment to do the presentation, including the pricing. I don't want to have the client distracting me while I am putting together the design and I want to be able to do the work efficiently. I do not want to become the evening's entertainment, showing them lots of options and changing things back and forth for them. I allow only loyal, long-time clients to come into my office to do on-the-spot changes and to see the program in action.
    I went to MANTS today and talked to a DIG rep. They are going to send me a beta version also, so maybe we can compare notes after I have a chance to work with it.
  5. KindGardener

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    Lanelle - What camera do you use? What size pictures do you need to take (some cameras allow for a higher resolution photo)? Any tips on what photos you usually take (what view)? what is best time of day (does it matter).
  6. ferr

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    No more DIG . They went out of business
  7. LindblomRJ

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    Considering this is a 10 year old thread... That seems logical.

    Google Sketchup is a good design and 3d modeling tool. They offer libraries and all sorts of good things. And it is a free download.

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