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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnspecialties, Sep 7, 2006.

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    I installed two 6' "cherokee princess" dogwoods for one of my residential customers last fall. This spring, one died pretty quick. I replaced it in July and it has been watered a decent amount (not heavily, though). Both are in good "dogwood" locations (near large oaks, scattered sunlight, etc.). Both have developed browning leaves mostly on the lower branches. Any ideas?

    Obviously, my first guess is insufficient water. The soil is a white clay for the most part. The hole was dug three times the pot width so there's plenty of room for root growth. The clay stays fairly soft since it was ground up by the auger.

    Thanks for any input.:)
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    <i>near large oaks</i>
    That's your problem.The oaks are robbing the new trees of moisture.Even some of the established dogwoods around here are browning,if they're next to large trees.Of course,we're 13 inches below normal for rainfall also.
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    No soil amendment? Soft clay? Planted too deep?
    Dogwoods prefer an acid soil with plenty of organic matter. Your problem could be many some pics of the tree's the location, the base of the tree's?
    No air, no water, too much water and lack of drainage
    so many causes and so little info.

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