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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by PTSolutions, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. PTSolutions

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    ok, well we've had our 98 c3500 dump since it was new. 4x2, L boxes, 8' dump with drop sides, 5.7L. currently has ~76,000 miles, Its been great to us, towing and hauling everything we've needed.

    we did some upgrades on this thing this year including:
    super duty air bags in rear 5000lb capacity
    timbrens in front
    extra heavy duty coils in front
    coil spring spacers in front
    235/85/r16 BFG All Terrains in rear
    new alternator

    These upgrades (except the rear bags) were basically put in place to handle the Blizzard Power Plow 810 on it,

    i know the transmission is slowly going on it, the front end (tie rods, pitman arm, idle arm assembly, etc.) is starting to go and we are considering a medium duty 4500, 5500 class truck by 2010. I want to start looking around now so we i know exactly what we need.

    I dont want a chevy med. duty because the entire truck is too large for the area we operate in, especially costly to pull our lawn trailer around (gonna get an 8x20 enclosed)

    So it comes down to the dodge vs. ford. id only consider the ford if its a great price. Its gotta be 4x4 and diesel. Im thinking a landscape dump like this knapheide:

    so basically im asking your guy's input between the ford and dodges, i love the way the dodges look, so what do you guys think?
  2. DBL

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    its going to be a wait and see how the new dodges work out i heard they re did their frames and that new 6.7 cummins is supposed to be awesome but i would get one i love dodges
  3. PTSolutions

    PTSolutions LawnSite Silver Member
    from OH
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    right now we get about 3 tons in the bed of our truck, it will be nice to be able to move up to 5 tons.

    i def want something with a solid front axle, ive been turned off by the ind. fronts of the gm's, seriously torsion bars??
  4. Marek

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    I have the above body on a 550 and love it. Plenty of room for tools and such. The next one will have barn doors though. The new dodge is tempting but still a hole new truck. Ford has tons of cash back right now. You might want to look at IH trucks too. They will still have plenty of life after the payments end.
  5. PTSolutions

    PTSolutions LawnSite Silver Member
    from OH
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    what do you mean by IH?

    do you run a leaf box in the fall on that body? if we get that it looks pretty easy to make a top for it and attach a leaf loader somewhere on the tailgate.
  6. Looking Good Lawn Service

    Looking Good Lawn Service LawnSite Senior Member
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    By "IH" he means the old International Harvester truck and tractor brand. International is officially "Navistar" and has been for at least 2 decades. A new one will be much more than any new F550. And maitainance and fuel cost and insurance will be much more. Plus, the enigine is still a 250,000 mile engine just like any pickup diesel. And it will be slower reaction than a pickup size 550 or under. Good truck for a big van body and such, its most popular application. And yes I have had several Internationals, Petes, KW's, Freightliner, Volvo, I know trucks. If you dont have to haul a huge amount of weight stay with a F550 or similar from GM. Good Luck.
  7. hosejockey2002

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    FWIW the Chevy Kodiaks are really not larger than the F550s. They have that appearance because the cabs are larger and sit higher, but overall wheelbase is actually a bit shorter than a comparable F550, as is the turning radius IIRC for the same cab-to-axle measurement.
  8. SpruceLandscape

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    If its between the Dodge and the Ford and you definately want a diesel, go with the Dodge. If you are open to something different, look into the Isuzu or Mitsubishi cab overs. Thats my next move for this spring.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    I do hope you know a 4x4 dually really doesn't do that well in snow. A 4x4 helps a little in the dirt but the trucks are so heavy they sink before the front wheels can pull themselves out. A locker in the rear diff of a 2wd does just about as good as a 4x4. In the snow especially out here on the West Coast you got to chain up a dually. In this last snow fall we had last week I had 1000lbs of gravel on the back of my 03 F-450 and I have recapped tires with bandag gripper tread which is designed for snow. I'am ordering chains for the truck even with the locker the both wheels just spin.

    The Chevy you have now will do just as good as a 4x4 in the snow. Only srw 4x4s do better in the snow.

    Out here once you drive on the snow or spin your wheels it packs into ice you need chains to cut down to the pavement. Even plow trucks with steel cutting edges can't scrape the snow off the road once its packed.

    As for the new trucks are you really going to want one ?

    The new 6.4 Ford is going to be a nightmare to work on it has lots of power but when you open the hood its holy crap. The new Dodge 4500-5500 trucks are unproven you probably want to wait 2 years and find out if the trucks are any good or not. The new 6.7 Cummins is suffering from the emmision system problems because Dodge and Cummins are lagging behind in the emmission regulations.

    Are you really going to make that much money plowing snow to warrant 4x4 when you can buy a 2 ton cabover now for less money. I usually don't reccomend Cab over trucks but they are being built better than what is out there now. If you really wanted a 4x4 then you would have to get a Mitsu cabover.

    The second choice would be look into a Hino 185 its not a 4x4 but its a reliable truck that will go for double the trouble free miles than a Ford or Dodge.

    What do you mainly do with the truck ?

    A cheap option would be try find a Chevy 3500HD which is a 1.5 ton truck it has 19.5 wheels search for one with low miles on it gas or diesel and fix it up. If you like 5.9 Cummins engines swap one into a 3500HD then you have a diesel truck with a heavy frame and springs the truck will easily carry 6000lbs or more. The truck looks decent its not a ulgly duckling like the new 4500 Chevs.

    The 2003 Ford F-450 I have now is probably the last new truck I will buy its the only truck you can actually work on. If you plan on keeping a truck longer than 4 to 5 years plan on expensive repairs after the fifth year.

    Good Luck on what you decide.
  10. supercuts

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    i have vertually the same body but made by rugby. it doenst have the L pack, and is taller and a 12'. barn doors & tailgate is the way to go. very easy to build a box for fall cleanups. i mount the vac out front. this body is perfect because it has enough room between the cab and body ( and no cab protector ) that it allows me to have a square metal pipe run vertically holding the pvc tube when the body dumps. mine actaully has a chipper top available in 4' sections for the arbor industy which can be used as a leaf box.

    as for brand choice, bottom line has always been dollar for me. they are all close in creature comforts and performance. sure one might hold more, turn tighter, have a bit more power, so its really your call. ive been happy with my fords. i almost just bought the dodge over the ford until i found a really good deal on the ford. the new 6.4 is awsome. it runs like a gas engine, even in the cold. the new 6.7 cummins started like my 7.3l powerstroke. had to use the glow plugs and it thought twice about starting.

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