New E-Mark Metro 36" with sulky giving a lousy cut!

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Olympia, Wa
Got a new 36"Emark Metro a month a go. I love it, fast and most of all a great cut. I started out with Mo-Blades on it and I couldn't ask for better.
Last week my 2 wheeled sulky came in. It's like an "E" ticket ride at Disneyland:) Makes each lawn a new experience. A lot of fun.

Here's the problem:

I started noticing the cut I was in love with was going away. It seems with the sulky I no longer got the big flat lawns, instead it looks more like a rider cut.

When I call the dealer he said a sulky will not change the cut.:confused: :confused:

What have you experienced?????


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Don't see how the sulky could change the cut but I supppose it could if:

1) You are operating the machine faster than you would walk it....and the extra speed caused the mower to bog and leave uncut areas (or extra speed caused mower to bounce and leave uncut grass)

2) Going up a hill the front end popped up and grass was left uncut (adding weights to the front will help up hill performance).

3) The added wheels, if not in line with the mower wheels ,can leave added tracks in the yard that may detract from the look of the stripes.

There may be other reasons but these are the ones I've experienced...



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chicago suburbs
how sharp are your blades? have you checked


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Are you saying that when you use the sulky, it makes the grass lay over? If you mow back and forth and do not overlap too much, this should result in a "striping" effect which seems to be a desireable thing. Many (myself included) pride ourself on excellent striping. Correct me if I am guessing incorrectly.


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Long Island, NY
Try adding weight to the front of the mower. When you stand on a sulky it pulls the nose up and you dont get the cut you love, especially on the 36 its so small it has no weight to it.


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the only thing i can think of is that the speed with the sulky is causing it to skip. whenever you run a walkbehind with a sulky, you must run it full blast, you would be surprised how much power is transfered from cutting to pulling you (especially if you are a heavy guy 200lbs+)


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Might you have what’s called a "ProSlide"? Sulky not on wheels...
These types change the look of stripes, and if not installed correctly, will almost always lift the front end. the other thing people forget is the tire pressure on the exmark...this will also change the quality of cut.