New Echo SRM-280S...will it last 21 years?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Jun 22, 2013.

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    A couple weeks ago my 1992 Echo 2501 string trimmer started coughing and cutting in and out. I didn't have time to fuss with it. Rainy day. Went to buy a new one. This old trimmer was my ONLY trimmer since 1992. Never let me down. Replaced a few primer bulbs, maybe 8 or 10 sparkplugs, and one fuel line kit. Had the original head on it until last fall!

    I decided on a new 280S. It has the new trigger throttle.

    I went with the 280 over the 266 for two reasons...

    Larger engine
    Larger fuel capacity


    HUGE decrease in Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)
    Decent power
    Easy to wind head
    Head only taps when you want it to
    Head only advances a small amount of line per tap
    Smaller guard is nice


    Not all that much lighter than my 2501
    Fuel fill is in rear instead of side
    Engine is LARGE
    Small fuel tank!
    Grabby higher RPM clutch

    As far as weight is slightly lighter, and I could have easily gone with a smaller trimmer for weight. Not a big deal, just thought because everyone says how much lighter the newer trimmers are, when my 21 year old holds it own.

    Fuel fill...I fuel up on my Trimmer Trap. I rotate them and pour in. With this rear and vertical cap, it makes things a little harder. As far as capacity...This is the highest capacity tank they make, and it literally feels like 1/2 the capacity that I'm used to on the older one.

    You'll see it in the pics, and you'll catch it on branches...this engine is HUGE!

    TRIGGER...I was on the fence about the new trigger. I'm often an underhanded holder and I used to actuate the throttle with my pinky finger. This trigger is VERY stiff and sensitive...I'll get used to it, but I never had an issue in 21 years with the old throttles.

    This brings me to the clutch. I'll admit it. The clutch on my 2501 must have been permanently locked. I could feather the RPM's down and the head still spun. (was nice while wearing shorts!) This new one you need almost 1/2 throttle to engage the clutch. Then it jams on , but you have to keep the throttle up or it almost stops the head.

    The front handle is like my suspension seat on my Lazer. You cant feel the vibrations and it's soft and pliable. Very nice improvement!

    Overall, I guess I'm happy with it. I'm going to see about switching over to the older trigger, or see if it can be adjusted somehow to be easier to operate. The safety on the top of the throttle is a joke and a PITA as well. One more thing to worry about as I underhand it.

    echo1 (800x516).jpg

    echo (674x800).jpg

    echotrigger (589x800).jpg

    echorear (800x741).jpg

    echotop (600x800).jpg

    echoheads1 (600x800).jpg
  2. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    WOW you have a trimmer older than I am...that's crazy. Hope everything works out for you man
  3. Holland

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    That's awesome. I love old trimmers! I'm always looking for some killer old 2 strokes!!
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  4. TLS

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    Never thought about it that way! I have shirts older than you too!

    It's killer alright! Don't know if I want to spend any money on it. For $20, they said they'd look it over and do some tests to see if it's worth it.

    Might be nice to mount my articulated hedge trimmer on.
  5. DLCS

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    I just bought one a few weeks ago. I love it except for the head. I had the dealer put the old style Veri head on it, like whats on your 1992 model. The head kept flying apart on me after a few hours use.
  6. Hawkshot99

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    I have a Echo 230. The trigger is like a little brake lever. I somehow managed to catch it and break it off:hammerhead:. I also had another broken Echo trimmer, but it had a good trigger.
    I decided to put the good one on the good trimmer. When doing the swap, I just never put the top piece on that you have to squeeze before the trigger. Less frustrating at times now when trimming at weird angles.
  7. Valk

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    Great review and pics!
  8. siclmn

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    You left the guard on for 21 years.
    I leave the guard on for 21 minutes.
  9. MJB

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    Tommy, it doesnt count if it doesnt get used haha. I have some for parts that old but my echos are trashed after 3 yrs, the engines are still good, but the coil . carb, fuel lines all give me grief. I hate working on them I just buy a new echo.
    I love my 260T have not looked at the 280 yet, but I also take off te guard
    and put on the Edgit which lets out more string which shortens engine life . I run my trimmer for about 3 hrs per day so 3 yrs is all i expect. But my mowers I baby and they last for years . I have a 13 yr old Lazer that I was offered $2500 for but I can't sell it , it just keeps going and it still cuts great.
  10. smallstripesnc

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    I have an Echo SRM-230 and wait until you look inside the muffler and see this round weird baffle thing. No wonder the newer echo's are sluggish.

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