new employee: how much should i pay him?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by texaslandscaper, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. texaslandscaper

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    Thanks to some helpfull advice on this site i looked for and found me a new employe instead of me trying to do my tree jobs. He has 5 years experiece in tree trimming and removal and was formely employed by a naboring city for the same services. I had been offered several tree triming jobs and removals but i didnt have the experience. He has tons of refrences of whom i have checked. He just doesnt have the equipment and transportation, I found him by a friend who was having his tree removed. What would be the best way of paying him considering that i provide all the equipment and transportation to the site. I have seen the latest job he did and i was impressed. the tree was about 30 feet high. should i pay him by the hour or should i bid and pay him a percentage.
  2. texaslandscaper

    texaslandscaper LawnSite Member
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    i am thinking of providing him with a work cellphone an old truck,trailer and all the equipment and fuel needed for the completion of all jobs. all he will provide is experience and his labor. I want him to primarily do my tree jobs but would like to utilize him for other lawn jobs when no tree jobs are available.
  3. godzilla

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    I don't know the rates down there, but I'd have to say at least $15 - $20 per hour if he is any good. Are you going to be working with him on the tree jobs? Can't go sending him out alone... WAY too dangerous.
  4. Jay Ray

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    A good climber who can work without a bucket truck gets top dollar here.
  5. chriscraft

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    you beter make sure your insurance covers you for the use of chainsaws and climbing. Its an add on for most policies,tree guys around here run about $60-$100 an hour. You better really know what youre doing if your going into tree work, i just give to a buddy he refers me i refer him , i cant be bothered with theexpense liability xtra INSURANCE FOR 1 OR 2 JOBS
  6. Lawn Masters

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    You'll need to hire him a groundsman too. without someone to pick up what he's puttin down, the whole operation stops pretty fast.
  7. texaslandscaper

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    i talked to him today and we decided that i will only subcontract him and he will provide a groundman out of his part. I got a bid to remove a tree to the stump and trim a few branches wich isnt very much. It will take him according to him 4 hours to completly remove the tree and about another hour to trim the other tree. I will only provide the transportation and trailer he will load and unload th tree limbs how much should i have given him. I bid the job at $425 how much should he get and how much should i get. Got the client from one of my ads on the local paper.
  8. Xterminator

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    I would give him 40 % if he is Paying Help 170.00
  9. godzilla

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    If HE is paying his helper, regardless of comp or not... he deserves a LOT more than $170 for 4 hrs. That's barely $20 per man hour!
  10. texaslandscaper

    texaslandscaper LawnSite Member
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    I decided to pay him 300. The tree was actualy a 50 footer,got most of it done today finishing tommarrow.

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