New Employee or Riding Mower?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Trevoryard, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. supercuts

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    i agree with him, i still have a WB but only for pool areas. are lawns are much larger though, 1-2 acre. in my case, more than 2x as fast. even on very small lawns, im much quicker on ZTR, i only run 61" too. you'd be amazed where they fit!

    one of the most benefical areas its better..... on a 100 degree day with crazy humidity, i can go all day without feeling like garbage.
  2. punt66

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    because i can earn more money and not be tired at the end of the day. I could never service the amount of clients i do with a WB. I had 2 WB's as backup. I used them on my own lawn to keep them running and sold them this year. They were just wasting space, My dealer will give me a demo if a ztr went down. Walk behinds have their place but not in my business. If a property requires the use of one then i pass on it and grab the next one. That has only happened once and i was asked to bid on it. A hill infront of a church. STEEP. No thanks.

    by the way, my ztr can fit and maneuver in tighter places then my walk behinds with more precision.
  3. MowinginEureka

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    Ironic. Because I have a ZTR I never really use, i only used it 70 hours this year. Its too big. Cant get it into any of my gates, the tires tear up the wet grass we get here no matter how light you feather the throttle, they cost an arm and a leg to maintain, take up too much space...I could go on. The only good thing about a ztr in my yards is that when I get a big area, I can mow fast enough to justify the cost. But that's very rare. The only other thing is I'm not so exhausted having to push mow. I think personally it depends on the area and the yards. Have a lot of yards that are are not super bumpy and are wide open with a decent amount of yard...get a ZTR...If they are like mine, smaller, precise, tight, narrow, and usually wet...get another employee. If you have to go slower to mow with a big ztr than with a push mower to not damage property or grass, it's pointless to do a ztr.
  4. LewisLawn

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    i have used a wb for 8 years with medium size properties...those that took me more than 30 minutes to mow (48" cut) i now use a ZTR on same size deck those now take half as much time...but on my avg 1/8 acre city(residential lot) i prefer the cut of my WB and get these done on avg between 11 and 18 minutes plus trim time...with my mix of customers i use all my equipment...i can put the WB on a small front yard while i take on the back yard with my ztr this has enabled me to get more work done in less time and to not be too tired at the end of the day and maintain the quality of service i expect. you need to focus on your business first what is your short and long term goal,eventually you will need to get both if you plan on expanding...which you go with will be determined by your mix of can usually get two WB for the cost of one ZTR so maybe a WB and a part time helper would be good for you...reschedule your accts so that you have the helper on the days you cut the larger properties...also on second thought a second employee can be very productive without a mower, trim and blow and have equipment ready for you gassed and loaded/unloaded(locked if necessary) the end noone know your business like you..make the decision after you have thuroughly looked over your situation
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    all very good points. We dont have gates here. Like i said, they do have their place.
  6. MowinginEureka

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    Ugh, Yeah. I wish we did not have gates here. 90% of my customers have these god awful 24 inch wide gates. Do not ask me why. Can barely get a walk behind mower through.
  7. greenpoint

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    Not sure if its the same case where you are, but we use w/b's and have added several customers simply because we don't use ztr's (too much damage to floritam). I won't matter how fast you can mow their yard if they cancel their service...
  8. MarcSmith

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    I used 52" exmark lazers in Orlando, Florida...Properly operated the mower does no damage to st augustine..
  9. Mike Custom

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    Trevor dont listen to this guy, he's obviously out of your league when he can make all these "holier than thou" claims and he's only a solo operation. We run 2 wb's a 48 and 52 hydro, both with sulkies. I have a 3 man crew and we do 25-28 houses in 2 days. It all depends on your accounts. where i live there's a ton of hills and rocks, and a rider would scalp the **** out of most of my lawns because the terrain is too uneven. I say replace the 12 year old mower with a hydro wb. I bought my 52" hydro toro for only 4100 bucks from a company called SLE (southern lawn equipment)on ebay. Local dealers wanted north of 5400 for it. let me know if you need more info.
  10. punt66

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    yea and your terrain must be the same as his. Out of what league? hahaha

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