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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnsRUsInc., Sep 5, 2003.

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    What do you guys start out your employees for lawn care at. Iam in the midwest so i understand that it might be different per location. But i had 3 spanish guys that spoke no english maybe a couple words, fill out an application asking for $9-10 an hour they said that they worked for other companys doing lawns and landscape construction. I thought that might be to high please help me out with some feed back on what yours start at.

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    One thing youp have to ask, is if these guys were making 9-10 bucks an hour working for other companie(S), then wht is the reason that they are looking for new jobs at this time of year. Also, (notice how I put the plural s in capital) if they have gone through jobs like that, what is the reason for THAT? These guys might not be worth the gas to send 'em back across the border. Ask them for references of their former employers, and see what they say. It would probably be entertaining just for their reaction. To answer your question, many around here use a "training wage for a week or two, of say artound sixish, then they bump up to 7-10 dollars depending on the experience.
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    due to the lack of rain around here lawns have not been growing so the only work one 10 hour day a week quote on quote. They cant speak english my other employees are bilingual. I wont have a probelm with hours but that just seems high. My other employees are american that can speak both spanish and english.
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    unexperience I would say $8.00, but if they do have experience start em at $10 then if they are responsible and do good work raise it to $12.
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    it also depends on how much work they are getting done in an hour. I'm going to be payingmy guys $3 per yard we do (keep in mind we arent doing those larger northern lots. we will be doing 5-7 yards an hour. SO their work isn't based on how much time they spend, but actually on the work. And since you bill people by the service, and not by the hour, why pay employees by the hour?

    I'd pay the guys 50 bucks an hour if they got it all done in one single hour, what is their service worth to you?
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    I applied for my first job working for a lco back when I was 13. I was hired and earned 6.00 for the first year, went back the next year and made 7.00. Was told I did excellent work and was very reliable.

    Next summer I applied elsewhere, looking for a job which I could run a machine and make a little more (8-9 an hour) I worked for this lco for 1 year, weedwacking for the first year (occasionaly run a machine) and made 8.00.

    This past summer, worked for the same (2nd lco) and both ran a machine and weedwacked. made 8.00 for the first 30 days then made 9.50.

    I was told that I have a guarenteed position next summer for 10.00 with a 90 day raise.
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    Your going to be paying your guys $18-21 an hour? With a couple 21 inch mowers, and a homelite blower??
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    i certainly WOULD NOT.....dude your runnign pushmowers and a homelite...i dont think you can pay that:rolleyes:
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    I do not recall the incident

    I can not answer on the grounds that what ever I might say may incriminate me


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