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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Tylerr83, Mar 6, 2014.

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    I just picked up my new, custom built trailer yesterday from my dealer. It was made by United Trailers (popular brand here in the midwest). When I say custom, I took what I like off of 3 models and put them together. I paid $5825 and the options and things you pay for are HUGE when compared to the "factory direct" places in Georgia.

    Dexter torsion axles w/brakes
    white wall coverings on top of 3/8" plywood walls
    All LED lights
    16" on-center walls AND floors (important vs. 24" if you have heavy stuff)
    radial tires (vs. cheaper bias ply)
    .030 screwless sides (choice of color also - most mfr. only use .024 colored sides)
    2 ft. beaver tail at the end (which helps against scraping the floor with mower decks when loading/unloading mowers)

    I chose the height, the width of the side door, the roof color, the side color, the vent location, and even where the license plate bracket is on the back. Only thing left to do is the Line-X on the floor.

    I only mention this because if you're at $7k I'd absolutely drive to find another dealer. There's better than you've likely been quoted for less. This trailer is the 4th one I've purchased from this dealer. If you aren't as picky as I am when I buy my enclosed trailers, there are PLENTY of options for $5k



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    I live in CT but ended up going to Pennsylvania to get my trailer. It was a good deal cheaper and only 600 miles roundtrip so for me it was worth taking the drive for the savings
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    Tylerr83, have you made any decisions on a new trailer?
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    sven1277, what brand of trailer are you running?

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