New England guys--Used Kubota?

Discussion in 'Network: North' started by N.H.BOY, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. N.H.BOY

    N.H.BOY LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yea guys, Im looking to buy a used Tractor for small jobs. Any place in New England that sells used Kubota's? I've check a few around central N.H., but I dont mind traveling a bit. Looking for loader/post hole/back hoe/brush hog. Thanks for any input. :waving:
  2. SodKing

    SodKing LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I bought my first one in Plaistow from Bill Mears of Mears MB tractor. The do a lot of business in used tractors and will treat you right.

    I bought my new Kubota from MB tractor as well...
  3. Red Hemlocker

    Red Hemlocker LawnSite Member
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    Try "Townline Equipment" Plainfield, NH or Pinnacleview Equipment in Walpole, NH. Both are Kubota dealers.
  4. N.H.BOY

    N.H.BOY LawnSite Bronze Member
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    yea I have got one here in Tilton (MB tractor). Just wanted to shop around. Ill check that one out Thanks Sodking.
  5. N.H.BOY

    N.H.BOY LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yup I check Townline the other day. Used to live up there. Have plenty of beer drinkin buddies up in those woods :drinkup: Thanks for the info.
  6. grassmanvt

    grassmanvt LawnSite Senior Member
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    hey, try walts equipment,(might have just changed to Riverside Tractor) just a couple miles from me, central vt area, HUGE selection of new stuff, and a pretty good selection of used. I think they are now one of the largest "new" kubota dealers in N.E., I'd be suprised if they didn't have over 100 tractors in the yard. They are also one of, if not the largest woods dealers in N.E. Their website is , it isn't updated that often and only shows a tiny percentage thier stuff but should give you the contact info. Let me know if you need more info.

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