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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by woodlawnservice, Jan 28, 2013.

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    I just very seldom need to trace wires. A couple of times I could have used one, but not often. If I find I need one I will buy it. I just don't think it is a piece of equipment you need to get started. Once the wires are underground they don't get broken often. When they do it is when someone is digging and they know where it is cut. Like I said I would buy one in a heart beat if I found I needed it.
  2. woodlawnservice

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    How do u locate hidden valves then? I run I to this more often than not
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    You are silly
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    Cordless drill to take apart valves, reciprocating saw to cut out tree roots, volt/ohm meter, remote control unit (RainMaster or TRC), StationMaster,
    , 521 locator, a good quick trigger torch for soldering, knipex style pliers, flashlight, and a couple dozen other hand tools.
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    This is very true.
    Each unit is unique and have their own quirks, which can amount to varying limitations.
    I have attended many seminars and courses, all of which focus on basic theory rather than lab. Locating irrigation wiring and valves is a much different task than identifying multiple buried utilities.
    I haue an Armada pro 93 LCM and use the pro 30 as my go to DMM. The Greenlee DM20 used to be my go to meter but the pro 30 is half the price and fits in my shirt pocket. The pro 30 is a solid meter that is cheap enough to lose, break or blow up and not ::cry:
    I have both the 800 and 521 and can honestly say that at this time, the 800 is the best irrigation specific locator on the planet.

    Perfect practice and practices are as important as the desire one must have to be the best.
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  6. Wet_Boots

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    There's a world of old telephone company locators to be had from reconditioners, some of whom sell on ebay.
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    You must have it easy.. During our busy times I'll use my locator typically 2-4 times a week. Even this time of year .. I used mine 3 times last week in 2 days!

    You may not need it.. but I believe you shouldn't be suggesting to others that it's not needed. Having a locator is a necessary tool in the irrigation world.
  8. 1idejim

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    Yes there are my friend, you better know what you are buying though.

    512 hz won't help anyone, not all freqs. mesh well with solenoid reflection and most irrigators are more concerned with finding the valve for repair than they are finding the valve. This approach makes locating much harder than it has to be.

    Irrigation specific locating and test equipment is meant to be more user friendly and therefore less complicated.

    While i have been able to locate valves with a multitude of locators not all of them were simple to use or the valves easy to identify.
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    Or I could set him up with my ex wife. Once she starts talking it will be boring.
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    OK ill clarify this a bit... ive got the simple hand tools figures out... along with extra wire, solenoids, valve parts, and little pipe... what I'm needing opinions on OS the electronics... what kind of locater, and multimeter....I understand everyone has there likes and dislikes... which piece of equipement has the most capabilities so to speak....? Pro800... 521, 521a pro 700. And what about multimeters? Clamp? Just cheap regular multimeter... we virtually have 0 2 wire systems down here BTW to....
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