New Equipment-Bad Luck

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Kennedy Landscaping, May 9, 2008.

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    Last Thursday after I got done working I went to Sutherland's and bought a new weed-eater and new blower. I bought a Poulan Pro blower 200mph for about 120.00. Then for the weed-eater I bought a Husqvarna straight shaft 125L, since I have had great luck with my Husqvarna YTH 180 (knock on wood). So I get them both home and unpack them from the boxes, put gas in and fire up the blower, ran great. Put gas in the weed-eater, go to pull the cord and absolutely no resistance and you could hear what sounded like "stripped" metal. I would've taken it back and exchanged it except for it was the only one they had in stock and it would've been about two to three weeks to get another one in. So I took it over to Augusta Saw&Mower and had them rip it apart and fix it. Turned out to be that the flywheel was sheared pretty bad somehow. Everything works out ok though because it was all covered under warranty.

    Here is a picture of it.


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