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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by danothemano, Jan 12, 2018.

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    i must start, I'm getting cabin fever. During the winter I do a ton of eBay sales, looking to put every dime towards my lawn gig in 2018. My mind is racing on how I should set my self up in my second year. Let's start by reflecting on 2017.

    In 2017, I learned a lot yet, made a few mistakes. I had 5 lawns, and they'll all return for 2018. I came in with a Toyota Yaris(staying for a couple years at least), upgraded my harbor freight trailer to the lowes 5' x 3.5' mesh with gates(love it), started with a timemaster(burned me up with the weak engine, clogging, and felt like I had to push it everywhere). Bought some costly used equipment, used backpack blower, cost me about $400(I'm selling for parts as it really doesn't work), bought a 36" bobcat hydro with a face for radio(I'm actually turning around to like it), and picked up a handheld makita blower, and lithium makita trimmer, both returned great value

    2018: I'm looking to expand to 8, one string of close neighbors notices my work and asked, their help is moving and would be 3 yards linked together if I land it.

    I want to be more efficient and not beat myself up so much, I'm looking to upgrade from the timemaster to either a Ybravo 25 or Sarlo Big Mo 34. I'm not hauling the 36"Bobcat around all summer with a Yaris, I leave it across town at the parents and mow a couple yards with it on the fly.

    Between those two mowers there's pros and cons. Out of all my yards, to preface, there's one with a 30.5" gate(not dropping them, great guy pays on time like clock work).

    I'll start with the Ybravi pros/cons....Pros: Price(half of big mo), Kawasaki engine, can fit through all gates with ease, mulches, lightweight 127 lbs....Cons: only a 25" deck

    Sarlo Pros: Large deck/efficient, hydro....cons: will need effort to get in my one gate(confirmed with sarlo it is possible to do once a week, but would be a pain to do daily)price(twice of Ybravo, no more room for anything else, this would be it), Briggs motor.

    My thoughts, Ybravo is extremely tempting, I just wish it had a larger deck, everything else is there, the sales rep has been more than kind and is even offering the military discount where I expect it to cost around $1,250 shipped. The sarlo would cost around $2,500 shipped(again all estimated costs on my end).

    There's a couple other toys I'd like to get this year(new backpack blower, edger) but none of that would be possible if I go with the sarlo

    What would u do? Thanks!

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    Just curious, but do you have any debt? It doesn't sound like you do, which is a good thing, however, maybe using a small line of credit or a credit card to buy the right tools to make you more profitable over time isn't a bad thing.

    You should be pushing for 8 lawns a day, two to three days a week, leaving the other days open for installs, maintenance, and personal time. If you don't do installs now, start. Work your way out of maintenance over the next few years.

    We all started somewhere. Keep grinding. It will pay off.
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    Here we go with the “beating my self up”
    Line again

    If 5 weekly yards is something you consider physically taxing, either spend some extra money on a gym membership or get out now, it’s not for you.

    Don’t waste money on different mowers to accommodate your Yaris
    Get a little pickup truck and use the bobcat that will work in nearly every lawn for years to come.

    If you don’t have any places to park, rent some space in a storage yard and park your stuff there, then drive the Yaris to the storage place and grab your truck/gear and go.

    Seriously though
    If you’re not in shape to push mow 5 yards a week, you need to work on that.
    Many of these guys here are in their 40s and 50s mowing weekly , full days at 8-12 hours a day, depending on their schedule.
    It really isn’t as much work as people think, or 50 year old men wouldn’t be knocking it out.
  4. stringfellohawk

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    I do excavation because I don't like beating myself up. I hate landscaping.
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  5. Greencuts518

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    I would try to utilize bobcat and go with ybravo
  6. Greencuts518

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    I'm buying a new walk behind soon, most likely a scag but debating if I should get a 32" or 36" deck. I ultimately want to do more smaller lawns with a tight route that is why I'm leaning towards the 32". I used to own a 36" and it did fit in most scenarios but a couple lawns I had to break out 21. I was originally leaning towards toro 30 but I've heard plenty of bad reviews so thinking scag 32"....I'm also buying all new handhelds and a new trailer.

    THORNTON SERVICES LLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have both the ybravo 25 and the the toro 30" timemasters , the ybarvo25 is a better mower and is rated commercial so it will last longer than your 30 but you will notice the difference between the 25 and 30 deck size especially if you are mowing entire lawns with them. I would go with the ybravo 25 or buy the commercial 30 and give it a try , I have never used it but may try it this summer to see if it is any better than the residential model. Me personally I just do not like the look of the sarlo stuff yea I know that's stupid but it just does not appeal to me so no experience or opinions there , and like others have said put that 36 walk behind to work.
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    Get some sort of truck, you already got the trailer..
  9. Kennedylawns

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    Definitely upgrade the truck. I’m not familiar with the Makita battery line but typically battery powered equipment isn’t gonna last. Also I’m a big fan of other Makita tools as I use them on my construction jobs. Might wanna look into some solid gas powered handhelds. I’d use the 36 bobcat as well.
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