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New equipment for a beginner?


LawnSite Member
Hey guys im goin to be mowing about 3acres next season. Im 15 so dont excpect much! anyways im goin to need new equipment. Heres wat i had in mind:
Ferris IS 1500z or
Hustler Fastrak 44inch
also need a small walkbehind and between these
Ferris Hydrocut 36inch or
Simplicity pacer (what my mower shop recomended)
i already have weedwackers/trimmers/blowers etc
i have:
echo srm-210
echo pb-603
craftsman S.P. leaf vaccum and am i missing something for the easy worker?

Scotts' Yard Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Three acres in one big block? Go with the largest cutter deck you can afford.
Need to trailer your equipment then that adds a little more to the problem.
Can you only afford one machine for your whole operation? That means you need to get a versatile mower that will do all sizes of yards unless you stay primarily with large accounts. Lot of questions you need to ask to get a better idea of what you're up against:)


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k thanks im just gonna go with the simplicity walkbehind!


LawnSite Fanatic
No offense but I would see about getting a USED Toro 48" with a velke for around 1000 bucks, invest the difference in a new 6x12 trailer AND a used truck you should be able to get it all for under 5k... 1.5k-2k for the truck, 1.5k for the trailer, 1k for the Wb = 4-5k.

dass just me, a used 48" in half-decent shape will last at least 2 years, likely 3... If your business goes belly-up, you'll be out less money and have more stuff to show for it as well...

I didn't buy a new mower until my 4th year... I am glad I learned the ropes with used wb's, NOTHING can go wrong with the new mower that I can not fix and I have NEVER ditched the new machine because I learned how to drive them with the used ones, it's not as easy as it looks and the new ones are MUCH faster and have a TON more power (the old one hurt me plenty, I'd hate to think what a new one would've done to me when I didn't have the experience).