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Even more reason to spend it on marketing and education for marketing. I’m not saying he needs to drop $5,000 tomorrow, but websites take time to create, and then gain traction. Education takes time. Content needed to make and design door hangers and post cards takes time. Logos, how about a basic design for branding and marketing on trucks when or if he does get one.

all I’m suggesting is that buying a bunch of equipment because a wallet is burning a hole in his pocket isn’t the best strategy towards ROI. It’s evident in the options of upgrading a seat on a machine. I could careless what seat is on our equipment. If he has a dream of building a larger company (not saying he has to) learning marketing early on is the best thing he could do.

It’s funny, most guys will spend 10 years or more growing a 1 million dollar company, a lot never even get to 1 million. Yet those that have been there, if they are asked to start over, building a second company, they know the path that must be taken and where priorities truly are, so those few people end up building company number 2 in record time. 2-3 years in many cases. Because they know the path.

Marketing is a long term play and on that mentioned path in a major way.

If you're being held back by your equipment, the last thing you should be doing is looking for more customers.

This all depends on what the end goal is. Believe it or not, not everybody wants a large company to manage and run. Some people are ok making 100k a year as a solo op. Many call that a hobby not a business, I beg to differ.

At 60 customers, I have done zero marketing. I've slowly over the past 5 years purchased the right equipment for me to get he most productivity out of on my lawns.

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