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New Equipment


LawnSite Member
Hey guys just wanted to let you all know about the trimmer rack that ptimealltime sent me to try out. It was the one that held the trimmer vertical. Well my first impression when i got it was no way I am not going to use this thing, but after some coaxing from him I put it on my trailer about three weeks ago.

The ease of use it what done it for me. It is the easiest rack I have ever used and the fastest. To load and unload your trimmer takes just one hand and it takes just seconds. The ride that it gives the trimmer is smoother than I thougth it would be. I guess it is because there is only one rack not 2. It is powder coat painted and welded solid not just spot welded.

The issues that I have is mounting. It is only made to mount to open trailers, he said if things go over well he will have a model for enclosed trailers. The locking arm does not come with a lock only a pin, but for the price I can go get a lock.

It is mounted vertical so the gas leaking out was also a concern, but my trimmer leaked already so I put a rubber O-ring in the cap and filled it up while I hauled it, that solved the gas leak. The height from the ground was also scary too, he said it wouldnt be to low. It is about at the bottom of my trailer. If I hit my trimmer on something I have other issues than a broken trimmer. There is some splash from the tires but not that much. The sheild he has will stop this problem.

All in all I like it, he has a good product that works like he said it would. It is one of those things that looks different but it is a good different. Great job and Great product, cant wait till season starts to use it everyday. Good luck.