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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by pro cut, Feb 22, 2000.

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    First let me say how glad I am that there is forums like this one.There is so much usefull info that its almost priceless.<br>now to my question.Im new to the lawn care industry (in business for one year) and I have decided to expand my services to meet the needs of my customers and hopfully apeal to new ones also.So I decided to get my Applicaters card and offer pesticide and fert. to my customers.So now I have to decid what equipment to get so I can offer these services.Should I get a big, liqid spray equipment ( 200gal skid mount sprayer) or a small back pack unit ( 8 gal ).Or maybe cut the cost and go with granual fert. and Pest. spreader.My clients are maybe 80-20 mostly resdiential lawns of 5000sqft. or less however I do have much larger commercial accounts that are well over the 5000sqft. mark.So far the clients that ive questiond were interested in these additional services.Oh ya I have a total of 60 lawns to maintain.<br> I have already found a suplier of equipment and chemicals he will sell me a skid mount 200 gal,4,275psi pump at 4 g.p.m. ,hose real, 200' of 3/8 hose and gun for $1800.00 Wich I thoght was resonable.So there is my delima.All info is usefull info. thanks, Crash
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    Oh ya MR. Stone and who ever else, I am fully insured and of course, licensed.
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    If it's your first season of spraying then spot-treatments with a backpack should be alright. Residential customers will appreciate the more environmental approach, as compared to blanket spraying their lawns. You'd have to use granular on your big commercial lawns though, unless you want to refill your backpack a dozen times and be out walking around all afternoon. If you do use granular do so first thing in the morning to take advantage of the morning dew.<br>Eventually you'll probably want a tank for your truck though, I'll be needing one too. <p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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    That's a good price on that sprayer, but I would not buy one of those.<p>The newer equipment for fert/weed is so much nicer, faster, better & cheaper.<p>If you've got 60 lawns/8,000 average, you'll get half for fert/weed this year or 30+ lawns. 250,000 sq. ft. or so. (Post back if I'm way off, cause that'll change things.)<p>For these applications, get a M60 sprayer from Perma-Green (800) 346-2001. It costs $350.00 and mounts directly to your fertilizer spreader. You can fertilize and spray weeds at the same time. Or just spray or just fertilize. You can change back, forth or both instantly as the lawn(s) dictate.<p>Better looking turf, less weeds, less time, less chemials.<p>Money saved.
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    pro cut, pro cut,<p>I guess I got into this backwards, I have been in the spraying business going on 5 years. Good to see the insurance, shows that you are serious.<p>My comments would be this have both. A pack is good for spots of unwanted weeds. The slide in unit is a fair price. I would opt for a bigger motor for pressure and make sure the pump is a roller pump. These will last longer.<br>get a push spreader for fertilizer.<br>PS this is the year we get into the mowing part of the business.<p>Business has grown had to offer.<br>

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