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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by cat320, Nov 14, 2000.

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    Scag, you know one person, who says they are junk, find 10,000 other people that will say that. Then your post might have some truth to it. The year of the machine is a very big factor, if the guy bought a used 1985 exevator, he is going to have problems with it, it's that simple. If he over paid for it, or even if he didn't over pay for it, and has had to dump a pile of money into it, then he is going to be upset, just like anyone else.

    If you buy a brand new machine, and run it for 20 hours, and the motor blows, track fall off, and bucket cracks in half, then its junk. Over 10 years or more of use, parts are going to wear out, and it is going to cost money to fix it, just part of owning an exevator.

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    Anyone here using JCB backhoes? Very popular over here,
    particularly the 3CX model.
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    Scag if you think that Cat and Deere are the best excavators why didn't you include Hitachi,Mitsubishi,and MDI Yutani because they are ones making the machines.Case is also made by a Japanese company,JD small rubber tired loader are Liebeers and their off raod trucks are Moxys.These machines don't have diffrent anything other than paint and decals.So like I said earlier that there is not alot of diffrence in the excavator market or some of the other machine series,other than service.

    As for a 1985 excavator being junk,I think is more on what it looks like and how it runs when you buy it.There are still alot of 225 Cats and JD 690's around this country that are at least that old that still function very well for their owners.

    Southside JCB is make a run at a certain portion of the market in the last couple of years with the intro of their excavators,their TLBs and 4wd loaders have been here a little longer.I have done a demo on their TLBS and had a little trouble with the visability out the rear and the steering configuration on the 4x4x4,it has to be in 4w steer to function normally where as Cat's has a smaller front wheel and when it is not in 4w steer it can be run normally. Cat really has taken a big bite out of the TLB market mainly because of their lease programs that few others besides Case have been able to match.The lease program we are on costs use little more than depreciation and we were getting a new machine every year now its every three.So JCB has a service problems as well because many of their dealers are to small to provide the kind of service many of us are used to.Time will tell, european stytled machines are growing in popularity here everyday.

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