New equpiment really surpasses the old....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RLLServicesCT, Oct 11, 2008.

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    I tested two blowers today getting ready for purchase. The guy had a used fraden 14hp v-Twin Vanguard and it purred like a kitten. It was 8 years old, and was $700. He works at a dealership so I met him there. I also got to try a new blower which was the little wonder 9 hp subaru. I though hey, the fradan 14hp will blow this 9 hp guy away, but NO! I did a filled water bottle test to find that the 9 hp little wonder was almost 40% more efficent in the water bottle test! These new machines are really making a huge difference in cfm's and there hp doesnt always even matter. Just a little interesting info I thought you guys might be interested in.

    I think I will test the 13 hp little wonnder and the fradan 16 and 18 next along with the billy goat 16 & 18.:dancing:

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