New esto/work/daily F350, diesel vs gas

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by andersman02, May 6, 2012.

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    This may be in the wrong area but seeing as I will likely be using this truck for everything

    I got the go ahead to look for a new truck this fall
    currently I drive my fathers 01 F150 and he drives a 350. Heres the situation.....

    I am graduating from college this spring and starting to really get into the hardscape/landscape scene (went to school for horticulture-landscape design). We started plowing 3 years ago and have had very good success, now having to turn down customers. I got the go ahead to look at new trucks for this fall. It will be MY truck but our family company will be paying for it so price is something to think about. We will be going with a ford F250/350 extended cab either new or a couple years used, most likely a f350 as we will be using it for landscaping. This truck will be used for EVERYTHING
    -daily driving

    My question is what are your guys thoughts on the powerstroke 6.7 diesel or 6.2 gas V8....

    I was looking at the 2005-2010 diesels but havent heard very many good things about them

    Currently we have about 8 gas 1990/2001 250/350s that have worked good. We also have 2 Izuzu tankers w/ diesel.

    Another thing is we keep our trucks for their lifetime meaning theres a good chance this truck will be around untill it dies.

    So what are your thoughts between the these two engines? Pros/cons?

    My dad is mainly worried about the winter months, we've never had a diesel that was used in the winter but have heard they are tough to start in the winter
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    There is a lot of good information on this site regarding this topic, i have read several of the threads, do a search and you will get a lot to read about also.

    That being said, Diesel wins for me hands down every time. Money wise and usage wise too. I have explained many times about how I save lots of money and feel safer towing with the diesel over the gas. I have both, gas and diesel.

    And as far as winter, if your looking at newer trucks you will not have a problem in the cold until well under 0 degree weather. Here in central nh, I never even had to plug in my truck all year and it was fine.

    The bad about winter, once you plow with it, you will never want to run the gas engine again.. My plow route uses about 12 gallons of diesel each time, and my gas engine doing the exact same route uses about 23 gallons. the savings are very good.

    Mowing is the same thing, about double the cost each week towing with the gas engines versing the diesel.

    And the 6.7 has been proving to be the most reliable diesel engine ford has made. Look over at and read some reviews. Very few problems are being reported and they are getting 22-23 mpgs on the highway with them
  3. JDGlandscape

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    This may repeat what I said in my last post, but here is a post i put up on another thread about the same topic.

    I dont know about you guys but I have both ( F350 7.3 and F250 5.4), and when loaded up with my 7x 16 HD dual axle trailer with two 52" ZTRs two back pack blowers, two trimmers, miscellaneous tools, couple cans of gas, two yards of grass clippings in the bed and myself and two others in the truck, the gas engine seems like a safety hazard pulling out onto roads.
    It is ridiculous how bad it is on pulling onto 55 mph roads and then going up long hills on a 55 mph road it will drop to like 30 mph at 3900 rpms. and to top off how annoying that is, It would get 7ish mpgs. Very aggravating. and that was with both a chevy 6.0 gas that i borrowed for a week and the ford 5.4. The chevy seemed to have a tiny bit more power than the ford 5.4 but worse mileage. Ford around 8 and chevy around 7.

    Now take my ford 7.3. Wow, I never want a gas engine again. Soo much more power, can actually pull out onto a road without needing a mile of room to get up to speed. and with the same exact load, I get 14.5-15 mpg. So about DOUBLE the fuel cost for the gas even with the fuel price difference.
    I wont even get into the fuel savings for plowing. It is even more with a 9 v plow and 2 yards of sand. I dont even feel safe in the gas engine with all that weight

    I am not trying to tell people what is best for them, BUT for my business and what I do, the diesel is much much better. and yearly costs INCLUDING all the extra maintenance people think is so bad on a diesel, I save and make up for having the deisel.. And if i go to sell them, the 7.3 holds its value way more than the gas engine
  4. DoetschOutdoor

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    I feel pretty much the same as JDG although I have never owned a full size gasser truck, I know plenty of people that do in this line of work. Poor poor mpg and no acceleration is what they ALL say. As far as diesels in the winter, I have never had a problem with mine starting at all. I do not plow but go duck hunting for 2 months straight where the truck is started up at 330 Am every single morning and never one problem of starting. Usually dont even plug her in unless its getting really really cold. I bought a diesel for the power and also for the resale value. Sure, the diesel was a few grand up front but when my truck has 150,000 miles on it and I go to trade up, I will not take a HUGE loss like I would on a gasser. Maintenance is no more on the diesel as oil changes only come every 5 or 6k and a fuel filter is not much at all every 2 or 3 oil changes.
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    With 385 horsepower the 6.2 gas will have plenty of power although not the low end of the diesel. It's just a matter if spending the extra $$ up front will pencil out in fuel savings. I don't know accurate mileage figures for either engine, but diesel being $.50 per gallon more eats into the better mileage.

    If it were me, doing a lot of heavy towing and plowing I would probably lean diesel. For my own use, I'm glad I bought a gas truck, works perfectly for my needs and was almost $10K cheaper at the time of purchase.
  6. DoetschOutdoor

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    That sucks big time that diesel is .50 more where your at. Here it holds steady at 20 cent more per gallon and for the past month diesel was actually cheaper than gas for the first time in years. As much fuel as I use with diesel, I couldnt even imagine how much Id use in regular gas towing a load.
  7. PlantscapeSolutions

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    If your going with an F350 it kind of silly to even think about gas. Why guys a HD truck with a 1/2 ton engine. If your a Blue Oval fan you had better buy a new 6.7 since the 6.4's were hard on fuel and the 6.0's require a few thousand dollars worth of work to make them reliable.

    The new Diesels start really easy in cold weather. They are nothing like the old 7.3's that would roll white smoke on cold mornings.
  8. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Diesel all the way as for price it can differ greatly in the same town. Last week I went to fill up my cutting rig and the diesel was 4.51 a gal and I said I will get it later at the truck stop. Glad I did 4.14 a gal on 40 gallons adds up I have a 52 gal tank. But one place had it for 4.76 that same day so much for all gas stations charging the same.

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