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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 4LLAWNSINC, Feb 27, 2006.


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    I recently inquired to my dealership about a great dane surfer 52 series 2. The company everride purchased great dane from deere last fall. They now make their own version of the surfer- the scorpion. In a nutshell it is the same mower only a different color. It is also built in nebraska, (my home state) and my dealer has informed me the quality control here at the everride factory in nebraska is much better than from the old deere factory in North carolina, where the sufer he has in stock was made. He is giving me a good deal on the surfer, but an even better one on the scorpion. He wants me to buy the scorpion, which will come in in a couple of days. I guess my questions are what have others experienced with everride? I am not to concerned with the money savings on the scorpion vs the surfer, but being that they are 99% the same mower, is the quality control of these different factories that big of a factor, or is the dealer trying to push me in a certain direction?
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    I have an Everride Warrior and really love it. I don't have a lot of hours on it due to off season , but the cut is very good and so far I have no complaints. I havn't seen anyone post about having the Scorpian but I think the biggest difference is they use the everride deck which is a fantastic deck. Do a Search on Everride and you will find mixed reviews and many poeple displaying caution for a New company. I bought mine due to a good deal and very good service. Money was an issue for me since I needed a whole fleet to start. My only complaint is that everide doesn't have a wide variety of mower sizes because I would like a 34 or 36 and they don't have one.

    I hope this helps a little.
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    They aren't a "new" company!
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    I was wondering if you had received your new scorpion yet and what did you think? Also what kind of price did you get yours for?

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