NEW EXAM for Lawn Care Technicians (Planet)

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by qlcontractors, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. qlcontractors

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there has taken the "Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Technician-National" offered by Planet. Our company just landed a large state project and this is one of the requirements from the architect we have. I am looking for any advice on what to study and how the test is set up all I know about the exam is its 100 questions and there’s know book...any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    No Book? I find that strange from Planet.

    I've received certifications through them, over the years and they make money off of selling the study manuals too.

    Look on their website of course, but also look at one of their partners sites. Try the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. Google
  3. qlcontractors

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    Alright will do now, thanks for your advice..when i talked to them on the phone they said the test is new and board that is why there is know book which i understand i was just hoping to find some study material...thanks again ill google that and hopfully find something

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