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New Exmark 25HP 60 Ultracut Deck $7199

Discussion in 'Mutton Power Equipment' started by Muttonpower, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Muttonpower

    Muttonpower Inactive
    Messages: 35

    Hey all you commercial cutters out there. I have some 2006 left over close out 25HP 60 Ultracut Deck Full Frame Exmark Lazers. These are no frill bargains at $7199. Everyone loves the Ultracut Deck. a proven cutting platform with a superior cut. A high vacuum high volume cutting platform that is second to none in handling wet grass tall grass, and giving a nice professional clean cut that even the Triton deck is not able compete with with out adjustment. Most of my commercial cutters bought these units this year for the simple fact that they get the job done for not a lot of money. Your Salesman, J Dalman

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