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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Runner, Sep 20, 2000.

  1. Runner

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    I had the opportunity to demo the new ultravac for the larger decks today. It was on a 72 in. Lazer, and it worked AWESOME. We were cutting thick, 15" tall grass behind the warehouse, and it was unstoppable. We only traveled at about 3 to four mph for that because it was so thick. The bags (3) were pretty heavy because the grass was rather wet too, but the bags have handles on the bottoms to ease handling which I thought was pretty cool. We cut some other thick grass though at almost full speed and it just sucked it right up. It does take about a whole minute and a half to put the complete unit on the mower though. This unit should be out around February for those interested. I also test drove the new 3 cyl. diesel Lazer. Nice runner, but noisy.
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    Tell us more... is the Ultra-Vac a spindle driven unit or a seperate engine? Was it a 72" Diesel or a 60"? What do you mean by noisy?...engine noise (diesel clatter) or blade noise? Have you any info on the other engines or XP lineup? How about the 27 hp LC Kawi?

    Sorry about the questions, but the factory is hush hush. I think they want to sell all the '00 models first before hyping the new models.

  3. Runner

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    It was the spindle driven unit. This was on a gas 72" unit. It is going to retail for around 1400 bucks I think. The diesel I drove was a 72" unit too. What I meant by noisy, was the engine noise. Hardly any clatter, but it was like you were sitting right next to a payloader or excavator. They didn't have anything on the new 27hp. but we talked a little about it.
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    I used the 31 gas. The diesel is a 26hp. The gas engine runs quiet. Haven't run the diesel yet though. That extra fan for the ultra vac adds some noise too!!
  5. Lazer

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    Diesel is 27hp.

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