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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by kc2006, May 11, 2006.

  1. kc2006

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    I'll share some pics, just picked up a 56" 27hp exmark lazer hp, it's got the new triton deck on it. I new this thing would be full of power since I used to use a 60"/27 and it had a ton of power. I haven't used it much yet, 2 hours on it only, but I used it at one of the large commercial accounts I have and this thing is great. I've been fighting with this account to keep it under control, the dang grass just grows like mad, I've been having to cut it at 4"-4.25" just to get a reasonably good looking cut out of it and not have clippings everywhere. Well I brought this mower in, set it at 3.5" and went to it, the deck is just amazing, choped the clippings up pretty fine and has a ton of discharge. It was shooting clippings at least 3 cutting rows over. The underside of the deck looks as clean as it did when I bought it too after the 2 hours of mowing, normally you'd have something starting to stick somewhere, but nothing it's just dusty. The only downside is it doesn't stripe at all hardly. The quality of cut is perfect, it was the best cut of any mower I actually got to demo but stripes just aren't happening.

    I built a striping roller for it today since it was raining. I wasn't about to pay the what $300 from exmark, so I just cut my own brackets, went to the local steal outlet store and got 2 rollers for $6, cut them and welded them to the length I needed and bam $8 and an hour and a half later it's done. The brackets aren't as pretty as an exmark one, but it works just the same.

    I'll get some stripe picks on monday, landscaping tomorrow and saturday. I can't wait to use the mower more though.

  2. kc2006

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    pic of the roller

    I should start making these things and selling them on ebay for a hundred bucks a pop!

  3. Glenn J

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    Nice looking machine!

    And great job on fabing up the roller and mounts yourself. You saved some major coin.
  4. Lux Lawn

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    Glad to see you got your new mower it looks great,a little dirty but thats o.k.:laugh: .
    I bought the $300 stripe kit for the Exmark I bought this year...I guess I'm just not good at making things like that...although it doesn't look that tough.But when you want to make some more let me know I have a couple of mowers we use everyday that I really want to put a stripe kit on.
  5. milsaps118

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    kc2006, where did you find the rollers? I'm looking to build a set for my 52" and 60" Lazer Z's.
  6. FrankenScagMachines

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    Congrats on the purchase! Exmark is an excellent machine! I've had a couple Exmark's prior to my Lazer and I will say, NOBODY DOES IT BETTER! I've had Scags, Ferris and John Deere as well.

    You should try the CustomRide seat suspension kit, it bolts on under your original seat for around a couple hundred bucks and it does make the ride alot nicer.

    Also, not to be critical, but your homemade roller is not going to hold up. Your brackets are too thin and that hitch pin is going to get popped out very quickly I'm sure. The brackets may hold up a little longer if you're careful, but you HAVE to lift the deck up a bit on turns to keep from dragging the roller sideways, or you will be bending those brackets and wearing out any bearings that may be on it (does yours have bearings, bushings or just ride on the shaft and hole?) The eXmark roller I just got a few days ago and it is awesome, but its built a whole lot beefier than yours and I know lots of guys that have them, they all replace the bearings once a season and always have to lift the deck on tight turns to keep the side load off of the brackets and bearings, and also to pick the weight up off of the ground for traction to turn.
    Again not trying to be critical, I can appreciate the effort you put into it, looks like you actually have a clue what you're doing but just need to beef it up some, or you will figure it out on your own someday real soon. I'll post pics of my Exmark roller and you can get some ideas how to beef it up from there.. you could fairly easily build an Exmark identical roller for probably under $100 and it would hold up very well. I've built a couple striping rollers before for mowers I've had, had a 52" Exmark TTHP floating deck w/b that I built one for (before Exmark ever offered a deck roller on a w/b) think I only had about $50 into it with shipping the roller and buying it, it had built in bearings (which didn't work out too well, too much sideload on the bearings they weren't heavy duty enough) one roller would last a season which wasn't too bad for the cost of it since you have to replace the Exmark ones that often anyway.

    Anyway also just curious why you went with the 56" deck size after using a 60"?

    Thanks for reading and enjoy the new machine! They're a blast!
  7. kc2006

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    Thanks for pointing that stuff out about lifting the deck Eric (thats your name right, I always forget for some reason). I used 1/8" plate for the brackets, and I know they're weak. I was lazy though :D I have a huge piece of 1/4" plate that I'm going to plazma cut the brackets out of. Those will be plenty strong. This was just a quickie fix so I could get some nice stripes going, basicly a concept to make sure it was possible to do it. The roller has bearings in it, and since I can make 2 rollers for $9 I can live with having to replace a roller once a year. I am going to redo the clips also, I'm going to get a new rod for the center and get a die set and thread the ends, this way i can put lock nuts on each end.

    The 60" i used to use was at the other place I used to work for back in the day. I went with the 56" because of price and the deck. The dealer had a 05 60" ultra deck 28hp efi with the suspension seat for 9600, I really wanted the engine and seat but I wanted the triton deck, that same setup with the triton deck was like 11,500 or around there. The 56" was 8500, which was more of my range of spending and I figured the 27hp kohler is a good engine and will have plenty of power. So far I love the thing, the 4" isn't a huge difference, it's plenty for what I need, most of my accounts are 6000-9000 sq foot anyway but the few larger accounts and commercial accounts are what was killing me.

    Larry, after I fix the few flaws in the rollers I'll make you some if you want. Just get me measurements and I can hook you up, just give me a few extra dollars for like the wire/gas for the welder and stuff like that. I was going to wash the mower off real quick before I took pictures, but I figured people will know I actually use it if its dirty? :D

    Milsaps, I got the rollers at a local store, they sell steal and all different materials really cheap, they have a barrell with about 40 rollers in it.
  8. FrankenScagMachines

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    Yep I'm Eric.
    Sounds like a good plan. Maybe you should wait till I post my pics, the Exmark roller has a unique bearing and lock setup you can get at any place that sells industrial machine parts, you can plasma cut your own brackets. 1/4" probably will work 3/8" is best.

    I didn't want to sound like I was jumping you on that, and i definately understand having a prototype and then improving on it... I just didn't want to hear ya whining when ya broke it going over a root or a stump :p
  9. FrankenScagMachines

    FrankenScagMachines LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Oh when I built the roller for my TTHP I used 1/4" plate and it was OK but i ripped one side of the shaft apart on the roller after the bearings went shot, and the roller one side was still attached the other went under the drive tire, mangled the other side bracket... I would go with 3/8" if your cutter will handle it, a rider has a lot more traction and power than a w/b... although 3/8 would still twist every little bit of strength you can get is worth it. I think the Exmark striper is 3/8" plate have to measure for ya. Pics tomorrow I think. Gettin ready to leave the house now then will be busy all night plus its pourin rain outside :(
  10. kc2006

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    Post up the pics when you get a chance, this roller should last for a week or two I would think (Hopefully) so I got time.

    I went out and checked and the piece I have is actually 3/8 so that will work perfect. Hopefully the cutter can handle it, it's a little cutter from like the 80's so it's slow and sloppy with thick metal. Nothing a grinder can't clean up.

    I was thinking about making a bullet proof roller, I could get some 2" seamless tubing (like roll cage tubing) and get beefy bearings. I wonder if adding a third bearing in the center of the roller (you'd have to press it in probably) would take some load off the outer bearings and give longer life to them?

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