new f-450 150,000 road test

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ZOO YORK, Sep 30, 2007.


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  2. WhitakerServices

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    My father purchased an 08 f450 and it is one solid truck. Built like a tank. Beware of the fuel mileage though it will not be as good as you hope.
  3. GradeMan

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    He says alot mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and other people answer the real questions , no brake downs? yeah right?
  4. tthomass

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    150,000 HIGHWAY miles..........means little
  5. mike lane lawn care

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    and in only 6 months. all they did was run the truck, there was no stop and go, and no wear over time.
  6. BrandonV

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    I honestly don't know why everyone gets so excited by cummings, I have a fl60 with a cumming and a '07 ford 750 with a cummings and then a Chevy 7500 with a cat.. even though the cat has less hp it is by far the more powerfull motor, the tourque is incredible and it'll put you back in your seat even though its attached to a 16klb tuck. I won't buy another cummings, both of mine hate starting and though they're quiet don't have the umph or the driver satisfaction of the cat, though they are cheaper
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    it bugs the heck out of me when people cant say that name or spell it!!! its cummins no G. it makes it even worse that you own one.
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    thats right you never will buy a cumminGs...but you might buy a cummins..haha :hammerhead:
  9. stevo22

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    i love my 08 f450...i am really looking at hotshots closely...if i can do 2-4hrs each way and make some good change doing it, why not...have to get my cdl though...will be getting the info on that next week...
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    haha me no spell good

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