New F150's, any good?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by StealthDT, Dec 4, 2005.

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    I had the opportunity to inspect a customers 2005 F150 long bed 2WD yesterday. Went under it to measure the frame & bed for input into my CADCAM to design a dump kit. Noticed the payload sticker says max with passengers is 1,733 lbs.

    I like the boxed in frame, but the guage of metal used is thinner than a GM C type frame. Also noticed no skid plates on the gas tank which has little ground clearance. The rear of the frame that connects to the bumper & hitch is the most contorted design I've ever laid eyes on. Not to mention tape measure. The bolts would be in tension rather than shear when towing. Shear direction is taking the tongue weight. Guess that's good when the truck brakes are applied.

    The bed fenders have little support ahead of the rear tires, and have two vibration damping sticky pads glued to the inside surfaces. under bed sheetmetal crossmembers look spread too far apart for good support. The thru bed bolts are cheating because they fasten to speednuts on the frame mounts. A good design for the assembly plant since the bed is dropped, aligned and screwed, prolly as the last step.

    I don't like the bed to cab clearance. If something heavy is not secured in the bed and rams the front on braking, it would bend into the rear of the cab. Then you've got two bodywork jobs, and you'll need to use those easyout bed bolts. Got a huge tailgate top to bottom, wonder how those cables would hold up to loading a riding mower on ramps. When it's down, there's little clearance between the sheetmetal and bumper. The bumper better be clean or whatevers on it will dent the lower part of the tailgate.

    We've got room to install two hydraulic dump scissors on each side of the bed outside frame rails. Would be small 2 inch or less diameter cylinders, no need for larger on that payload rating. Got a few other minor issues in the rear for hinges, nothing that can't be solved. Is it worth my effort to create a dump kit for this vehicle? Nobody else has one on the market.
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    Something to consider in your R&D for the F150- it's available with an 8200 GVWR package that gives it nearly a 3000 lb. payload. Just curious, what's the max lift available on a dump kit for a HD 3/4 or 1 ton pickup?

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