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    Just Bought A New FasTrak Honda 20/44 Great Mower , The only
    Little Problem I Have Is That It Seems To Pull To The Right When
    Both Controls Are All The Way Forward. Also Do They Make A Light
    Kit For The FasTrak. Had Some conserns About The IZT'S And How
    Durable They Are. How Much Is It To Replace One Of The Transaxles.One Last Thing I Saw In One Thread That After Two Hours Of Cutting You Had To Let The Mower Cool Down Because
    Of The IZT'S Getting To Hot.
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    Congrat's on the new mower, and thank you for buying a Hustler, I am sure you will have many years of trouble free use out of your new toy.
    If it is new and pulling to the right then the dealer needs to adjust it.
    There is a light kit available and it is part # 381475 and has a MSRP of $69.00
    The IZT's are perfect for the application we use them in, we have had no major issues with them when they are used for the purpose that they are intended for, home use.
    The IZT's have a MSRP of $672.95, there are 2 in each FasTrak.
    As far as having to stop and let the unit cool down, if your mowing slope's you would need to let the unit cool down but for most average mowing conditions you will be fine.
    Hope this helps

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