New Ferris 3000 extreme setup nightmare!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Bertha, Sep 28, 2003.

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    I bought this new machine 5 weeks ago - a necessity to save time and I have spent nearly as many hours working on the set up on this machine at night as I have mowing w/it during the day. There are a couple of concerns I have w/ this machine. When I checked the blade tip heights and pitch, I realized the center spindle's pitch was opposite of the outer two. A difference of over 1/4". The engine appears to be mounted crooked onto the frame. The deck was nearly touching the drive tire on right hand side, and was 1 1/2 inches from the drive tire on the left hand side. (would mow in a straight line as if going around a tree, the inside blade was not cutting clean.) Every bracket appears to be welded on askew, none like the one on the opposite side. I've had to adjust significantly to straighten out the deck. The drive tires appear to have negative camber, and the more I preload the rear springs, it appears the more negative the camber on the tires. The front wheels have positive camber. It seems as if the more it's bereaking in, the more everything is changing. The speed of the machine can't be anywhere near the advertised 10mph/6mph, it's more like 7mph/3mph. Engine rpm's were set at 3100(3600 now).I am curious to know what the blade speed is. The blade clutch belt slips even when properly adjusted. The motor puffs a lot of white smoke when first started periodically. I'm curious to know if there is any one else out there having any of these same problems w/ their machine.

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    sounds like shouldaboughtatoro is your problem
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    Sounds like you got a lemon! Is there a dealer involved? New deck may solve problem. Don't see the camber as too much a problem ferris's look a little catywampus from the back. If Ferris had not bought that motor it could have been on a Toro. Compair some of your measurment with a new one at dealer. It may prove you have lemon. The ony way I could see the center blade having an opposite pitch is a bent deck. Bent mine with 10 hours on it. Mows fine we got it straightened close .
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    Why didn't the dealer you bought it from set it up prior to delivery to you? Where I work, we always set up and test every piece of equipment before it goes out of the door; as should any reputable dealer.

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