New ferris 3200z with less grease fitting?

williams lcm

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orlando fl
I noticed a fewer less grease fitting on my 2019 3200z vs my 2016 3200z. Why would ferris do this? Especially on the back bars that connect to deck.


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Seems like grease fittings are becoming a thing of the past. My guess on why manufacturers do this is because the parts are cheaper to make without further manufacturing processes to add grease fittings. And also the parts will wear out quicker meaning they can sell you another part sooner than later. Everything is made to wear out and throw away. Where are the environmental nuts on this stuff?


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Look at the owners manual. On the front tire towers I have to pull a screw, insert zirk, fill with grease and the put the screw back. At least thats what the manual says. left the zirks in place....