New Ferris Problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by PYMLscape, Apr 29, 2006.

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    We purchased a new Ferris IS 1500 Z a couple of weeks ago.

    It has the 19 hp Kaw (FH580V) engine. With only 1.3 hours on it, the spot-welds on the muffler heat shield broke, causing a lot of noise and a trip to the dealer.

    The dealer ordered a muffler, but it's taking almost a week to get it.

    At 2.5 hours, the engine began "hunting" at idle and at mid, full and load throttle.

    Naturally, the dealer says it is dirt in the carb, and, of course, that is not a manufacturer's defect. We purchase gas at the same BP station all the time, and none of our other equipment has problems.

    We are afraid that they will charge us to clean the carb -- after only 3 hours of use!!! :hammerhead:

    Now my 15 yr old Wheel Horse Hydro tractor with 1600 hours will have to fill in for the new guy.

    Anyone have any similar problems? Does this sound right to have to pay to service this almost brand new piece of equipment?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Also, how do other Ferris owners like their machines?

  2. Restrorob

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    There is no telling what one is getting out of a gas pump. I have small jars that I save dirty fuel in to show customers. If you were my customer I would clean your carb. and replace the fuel filter then check the fuel tank for trash out of good will and show you any trash found in it. If you returned with the same problem again it would be your dime then.
  3. PYMLscape

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    Thanks for your quick reply, Restorob. We doubt that it's the gas that we put in it, as none of our other numerous pieces of equipment have problems (Echo trimmer, blowers, cultivator, hedge trimmer and walk behind mowers and classic 312H Wheel Horse). Is it possible that when the factory test-runs the engines, that some gas remains, causes varnishing in storage before it's put into service? Or could it be the gas the dealer put in it?
  4. Restrorob

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    Either one of the two, We use 5 gal. cans at the shop and they are checked and filled weekly so no chance of trash or water from us, Thats why I would fix it the first time at no charge because I have had a few problems like this in the past from factory pre-running.
  5. ed2hess

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    Spot weld on the muffler on our Wright Kaw came loose right away.

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