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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Aug 1, 2008.

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    With the increased cost of P & K, several large fertilizer manufacturers are developing fert formulations that delete P & K. One example is a 50% slow release nitrogen product with full strength pre-emergent. Another is a 50-0-0 slow release. Seems the venders are trying everything they can to help us out.

    Anybody else hear this news yet? Thanks. :usflag:
  2. ICT Bill

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    they are not helping you out they are being compliant with State laws

    Florida has a N ban on until the end of September, Maryland and WI has banned P, etc, etc, etc

    Believe me every fert company out there is scared to death right now, what if.......... providing fertilization to a customer becomes as expensive as a monthly Hummer payment???

    You got it
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    I agree and disagree with your above statement. I think that our suppliers are all too aware that the high fert prices are hurting alot of lco's and that everyone is price shopping their fert purchases like never before. I think that in an attempt to come in at a low enough price to secure our business our suppliers are being more creative in their formulations. That being said, I know that there have been some pretty restrictive regulations passed. Being located in Rockland County, NY we have to comply with some laws and restrictions that really complicate our business.
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    I never heard of a 50-0-0, I thought the maximum you could get was 46-0-0 (quick release). Of course you can always get anhydrous amonia at 82 percent n.
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    My local Lesco came in with a 30-0-10 25% scu this year at a much lower price. However, with the recent increases it's within $1-3 of the 2 other staples in their line here 32-3-8 and 28-3-10....Hmmmm, let's see, should I pay $920/ton or $1000/ton. Not that big of a difference when you're talkin that kinda money. It does make a person want to cry to think last October I was payng $560/ton. Hummer payment or Lawncare...I wonder which my customers will choose?
  6. Grandview

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    Wisconsin has not banned P yet. Some proposals have been made but nothing statewide has gone through that I am aware of.
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    It's nice that you have so much faith in the government and in some areas that's true that the changes are government mandated but by and large the free market responds much much faster than the government does and these changes are market induced. Within 6 months of cost increases they're responding with reformulations.

    Hopefully if the price of nutrients stays up the overapplication of P and others will correct itself without the gov't getting involved. I'm glad they're around to look out for the environment but when it comes to trying to legislate corrections it usually ends up in a clusterF.
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    Well if we were providing organics, it would cost as much as monthly Hummer payment!

    :rolleyes: ITC Bill, you are in a forum for chemical applications. Just havin' fun with you, you asked for it! Haha. Take care.
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    no problems, we are registered as a fertilizer and have to go through the same compliance scenario's as everyone else, the bureaucracy is ...... well bureaucracy

    A little off topic and I will stop here,
    Spring of 2006 the USDA, USGA with EPA released a 6 year study on the source water that municipalities were pulling water from, it came back with some pretty stunning numbers, anyway the EPA said to the state regulators "you had better do something about this or we are going to step in federally"

    As a result we are beginning to see states putting more and more restrictions on pesticides and nutrients It says 2001 but was updated in Jan 2008

    I am offically off my soapbox
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    This spring season, I formulated 100% slow release 44-0-0 into a "Custom Blend" I determined.

    The product is 46-0-0 polymer coated, using "Polyon" technology.

    Since the coating is "Thinner" than SCU coating, you get the 44% insted of the 38%.

    What I really liked about the 44-0-0, is that is is very consistant with it's release pattern over 12 weeks through "Diffusion".

    It is used by farmers on Corn and Wheat, that require N consistantly thru maturity.

    They call the product ESN, or Enviornmentally Stable Nitrogen.

    Mabey we can get a bunch of us together, and start a co/op of our own?

    We would ALL benifit from bulk savings AND not one of us would be allowed to profit from the idea otherwise.

    Also I suggest we only do this for 1 or 2 Rounds per season, so our "Suppliers" don't ofset our savings, by increasing costs of other products we like from them.

    Your Thoughts,


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