New Field Test -- any takers??????

Discussion in ' Magazine e-Reports' started by turfmagazine, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. turfmagazine

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    Jim @ TURF here. TurfTeq has a product they'd like tested by someone in the Northeast.

    Here' the description: "The self-propelled SideWinder Power Rake enables safe and easy operation without operator fatigue. It can be used on any surface, even on steep inclines, and performs the following jobs:
    Preparing seed beds and lawns
    Raking rocks & debris left or right
    Pulverizing and mixing soil
    Repairing & renovating lawns without damaging the healthy turf"

    This is one of those a.s.a.p. things, because all of us in the Northeast know, winter's sneaking up on us quickly.

    If you're not familar with our field tests ... it goes like this:
    1. The manufacturer gets you the product.
    2. You use is for "X" amount of time
    3. When you're done, you write a fairly brief (not a book) on how it worked under what conditions ... and your observations (and hopefully get a few photos of it in action).
    4. I'll work with you on the finished report, to be published in TURF Magazine as soon as it is completed.
    5. We pay you for the report, not the manufacturer (which assures an honest report on the product?

    If you're interested, please email me at

    Thanks a million!
  2. tat900

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    if you want any southern boys point of view let me know
    Cabot, AR
  3. Drew Gemma

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    I would love to do it. But this time of year I thnk it may be too late. We have had a terrible fall weather wise with all this rain.
  4. turfmagazine

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    from Vermont
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    Yeah, the weather is rotten here in Vermont too.

    Spring is coming .... (opps we have that winter thing coming too).

  5. grassmanvt

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    If we didn't have a snow storm coming I might have taken you up on that.:cry:

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    thats too bad i have seen their product in the turf mag but no one in my area even carries them . i would love to demo one for bed edging .
  7. Planet Landscaping

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    We were gonna test one, Call us.
  8. alwaysgreener

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  9. jim dailey

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    I think you waited too long on this one. It is now the end of October, too late for seed around here. Still cutting grass and trimming all of the bushes. Got to hurry and start with the leaves, especially after the rain and the wind from this storm today. Just need a couple of cold days in the forcast, and that will signal the upcoming end to the season. Why the Northeast? A little further South has a better chance to use the machine. They are not so rushed by the weather.
  10. ffemt1271

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    we still have leaves on the trees , got our first freeze this week. still up in the 60's in the afternoon, should have some more cleanups to do

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