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New Flex Seat Today


LawnSite Fanatic
I ran my Super Z with the flex forks and new flex seat today for the first time and it was like floating on air. The combination of the two gives it as good a ride as there can be on a zero turn mower. There is a very big improvement in the ride over the suspension seat and flex forks alone.

A friend of mine that has the 66"/28efi Super Z with flex forks ran it for about 15 minutes and said I really can't believe the difference the back and forth motion makes for softening the ride.

He said they want to much money for this new flex seat and I said they sure do. He is 60 years old and had back surgery a few years ago, I told him the seat was not as expensive as back surgery and would not hurt nearly as much.

He said, you are right and I'll have the next one that comes in. I told him he was getting to old to worry about what something cost, I had never seen one casket in my life that was padded with money.