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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by yaya81, Jun 16, 2011.

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    gray leaf grows out almost all fungus out grows within the first week and will have no effect on the sod. My pool evaporates about 1/2 an inch a day now and its in an enclosed cage so its partially shaded. One inch won't even soak threw new sod so it will barely reach the root system. Like I said I have no issues with my sod and almost every pallet you get will have fungus as ric pointed out. go put a cup of water outside in your yard with an inch of water in it and see how long it takes to evaporate. I bet its gone by noon.
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    I guess we all do things differently. If I told someone they had to run their system long enough to put down 2 to 3" of water down a day, they'd have a **** hemorrhage :laugh: Seriously, I've never seen anything need that kind of water. Your sod can't hold that much water. And the sod is going to keep the ground from losing that much moisture. You are basically trying to keep the muck or sand base moist during that first week.
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    If they don't like it they have no business trying to sod in the summer well almost summer. Maybe this is why they are replacing their yard in the first place. Last time I checked Sod isn't an annual. I had a customer ask me why their lawn only lasted 2-3 years and their last LCO told them that's about average for SA lawns now she wants Zoysia. :hammerhead: the miracle grass. Look at the picture notice how the grass around the house is still green? That's because its partially shaded and the concrete holds moisture wonder why the wide open areas got sodded? Not me I know why no water and no nutrients to help the root system not need as much water. Look how tall the grass is probably gets scalped once a month too.
  4. That lco is correct on the sense that most LCOs ruin St Augustine prob earlier than the time frame he mentioned. A properly maintained St Augustine lawn will last way longer than 2-3 years. I had a lady call me last year saying she spent 5k having her front yard resodded and that it already lookedbad again. When I go to look at it it hadn't been fertilized in at least 4-5 months and was getting cut too short. She was ignorant bc she doesn't want to fork out the right money to have a quality lco maintainthe property so like a fool she will keep spending more money replacing sod and ornamentals and still have a crappy looking yard. You cant fix stupidity and ignorance.
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    Not from Florida. is likely that Ric is right. Sod that was in poor condition to start with is the likely cause. Sod that was not laid within 6 hours or left rolled up on the pallet with no air circulation or cooling would "heat up" on the pallet and be damaged before it was laid. Sod should be harvested early in the morning and laid the same day. Sod growers are familiar with the problem--too familiar.

    I can see that the old grass near the house and between the houses is green and doing fine. Moistue adequate and fungus not a problem. If you look carefully you may discover that the first roll off the top of the pallet had minimal damage. The last roll deep in the pallet that had no air circulation was the worst affected. In some cases the edges of the roll are OK because they had more air circulation around the pallet.
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    How true. I have seen lawns last decades. There are many lawns here that are older than me. Sadly, most of them are tended by highly dedicated homeowners over the age of 60. People are fortunate that sod is cheap in Florida. In my area, sodding a 5000 sq ft lawn will cost as much as a new car.
  7. I have seen some immaculate St Aug lawns that are taken care of homeowners. These are people that value thief yard over anything else and understand they need to spend time and money. There is one in my hood and you can't find a single weed in it. It is as close to perfect as you can get.
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    In my area, the sad thing is those nice lawns are not my market. The homeowner is a DIYer that is a total slave to his yard and does not want things done any other way. If you come here, you will see people sitting outside all day, day after day pulling weeds. Can't say it does not work, but those people have no life other than pulling weeds. They will spend the time all right, but not a cent for modern practices.
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    Your 1/2 inch at 2 pm was probably a waist due to evaporation in the heat of the day. If it's leaf spot fungus you will see lesions all over the grass blades. Another common problem in new sod is pythium root rot. However this is usually seen in shaded areas during periods of heavy rains. Since your lawn looks to be in full sun and we are in a serious drought here in central florida my guess is drought.

    New sod in full sun, in the absence of rain and with temps 95 or higher should be watered in the early morning, before sunrise, with 3/4 inch of water for the first three weeks. Another 1/2 inch may be needed in the evening if sod shows signs of wilt by late afternoon. Our soils are extremley dry right now so whatever water being applied leaches through our sandy soils very quickly and past the root zone.

    If your close to Sanford go up to Sunniland on 419 and get a bag of their 7-0-20. It looks like it can be recoverd but will need proper watering, fertilizing, pest control and mowing for this to happen. If your in Seminole County send me a private message and maybe we can set an appointment where I can come look at it.
  10. Would a wetting agent be a smart move in this case??
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