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New flyer (gopher template)

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Thanks to team gophers templates I came up with a new flyer.

I really like the box for price, as I know the lot sizes in my whole area and people will hopefully be more turned on to the service having a ready set price written in

Not much left of the original template from gopher but heres how it looks


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I can't see it. :(
OK, now I can see it!

Ha Ha! The two things I plan on getting into is also yard work and deck staining! :blob3:

That looks really nice! It's informative, yet not cluttered. I also like the big phone number at the bottom!

I'm also using a Gopher template to design my flyers, it's quite similar to yours and also has the "The price of YOUR lawn per week is.." box. I plan on using yellow paper, black ink to print, and a red market to fill out the "price". You know, so it really "pops out".

If you're working in a neighborhood, here is another Gopher template that is really nice. I will be using it, for sure!

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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