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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by CMLawnServices, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. CMLawnServices

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    This is the inside of the "tri fold" flier. The picture of the guy will be replaced with a picture of myself as soon as i download one. I figure it makes it very personable in a small community.

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  2. mark05

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    :clapping: Very Nice!!!!!!!let us know how you do with it
  3. mark05

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    from ga
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    :clapping: Very Nice!!!!!!!let us know how you do with it. hope it dose well
  4. Freddy_Kruger

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    Do you plan on printing these yourself? If i were you, i would just keep it to black and white, itll save you alot of money in the long run. I think you should probly change some of the wording and make some kind of offer and a call to action. Putting in sense of urgency will help generate more calls, maybe a limited time offer. Not to be rude, but rather some constructive criticism, i think you need to redo the whole thing. If i was at the office i would post mine, but im not, so maybe tomorrow. Google some stuff on advertising to get some ideas, and even stuff on word power, that should get you off to a good start.
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    IS that YOU in the picture?? if so, man you look old to just graduated highschool. I'm sorry, because it looked like you tried so hard on the flyer but i think it is WAY to much information. To be honest i couldnt even finish reading it. Simplicity is the key in my opinion, but who says my opinion counts, im new in the business too!
  8. CMLawnServices

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    NO the picture is not of myself, lol i will have to download one soon. This flyer is made to try and stand out from "big guy" lawn care companies. Any advice on changes or things you like? I will be sending the first out soon, i already picked up 4 accounts by handing them out to the neighborhood behind me. Things are going well so far, this is the first round of flyer's, probably a series of 2 more in a couple weeks and possibly a nice follow up call. Thanks!

    Chris Markowski
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    Go here and read -

    That Link that Freddy gave is a good solid read. I recommend you take the time to look it over. I copy an pasted it to a word document for future reference. Can't ever have too much knowledge on how to continually improve!
  10. CMLawnServices

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    Acouple changes on the references part. Take a look. Thanks for all the help and that site.

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