New for 2004, have i forgotten anything

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by CRM Lawncare, Jan 28, 2004.

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    Just starting spring 2004 and I think I have everything I need. I have registered business name with county register of deeds, no business license is required, no sales tax for services in NC. Going to have a 500,000 liability policy soon. Have JD walkbehind and trailer, trimmers etc... New business cards and flyers. Now all I need are more than the two accounts I have so far. Gonna be part-time this summer but hope to kiss the corporate world goodbye by next year.

    Am I forgetting anything ??

  2. twins_lawn_care

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    Sounds like you have a lot of the bases covered, good luck this year.
    The only thing I would work more on at this stage in your business is advertising.
    Do you have shirts to wear with your company name on them?
    Do you have your truck and trailer lettered?

    These both put forth a professional image when you are out, and people see you working.

    Also, do you have a good book keeping plan to help with invoicing, bills, and payments?

    I'd say try to get your name out there as much as possible, and start talking to people. Go to the local pizza places, and ask them if it's ok to hang up a flyer with some number tear offs, I've had some good response to those.

    Stay at it, and good luck with the business!

  3. Kelly's Landscaping

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    A business checking account with an endorsement stamp is a good idea to look professional. Have you picked out all your paper work yet Lawn contracts, Invoices, Estimating sheets, billing should also have a professional look. A dedicated business phone line is also a must better to have that before then latter.

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