New for Oz : Super Z HD 26" wheels/Grammer Seat

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by LR3 Guy, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. retrodog

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    That's a really good price, we have delivered some over there due to the huge price difference normally... That mower retails here for $14570 before the options you got, $12749 is promotional price (what most dealers charge). I have been known to blow one out $800 or so off that price. I would have expected your mower to be around $17000 over there...
  2. LR3 Guy

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    When I got to hear of next week's price increase ( and another before Christmas , due to persistent currency changes ) I decided to jump in.
    My " wants list " very conveniently coincided with the new importation of 932160EX .
    Personally , I reckon 7.5% and then another 5% ( ? ) increase will take
    the wind right out of sales imho :cry:
  3. LR3 Guy

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    I traded it on the Hustler . Never did buy a FEL , and no use for a rear mower , so it was a rather " one-use-MMM " acquisition . Put 2" wheel spacers on the rears because the wobble was giving me a Mohican-Cut , but it still suffered from the front wheels pivoting in the middle , as tractors do.
    After Walter got the X , I became convinced a Z was the way to go too.
    BX's have come down $3500 ( run-out ), the Super Z is down $3000 on my 2010 pricelist too . The loss on the trade was offset by the purchase , if I acted now . At the time I was concerned about traction , but after 3 years , that's not a real concern anymore . With turfs on that BX , it still wouldn't go anywhere non-flat without 4x4 engaged . If I reversed up an incline with it , the small front wheels would make deepish furrows with the weight vs traction , so I had to stop doing that or the lawn got ripples . TBH , I'm over small tractors as just mowers .
  4. LR3 Guy

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    If property wasn't soooo expensive here , we'd have a shed full of American toys on left over cash , but that's not to be .:usflag:
  5. Sharpcut 1

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    It's going to take 10 U.S. quarts of fluid when you do your fluid and filter change for the hydro on a Super Z with Hyperdrive.
  6. LR3 Guy

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    Thanks , I realised that 6 quarts wasn't going to cut it , so ordered another 6 pack . That's a big reservoir !
  7. Mickhippy

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    Let me know how much it cost to do the hydro service. Cost me upwards of $500, and I did it myself.
  8. LR3 Guy

    LR3 Guy LawnSite Member
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    I got the Mobil One 15w/50 off Ebay ( Sydney importer )
    He's Aus$69.95 for a 6 by 1 quart pack plus delivery ; so about 160 for 11.4 litres . The filter is ......... wait for it :-( ........... 168 bucks , or less if you can get something off .
    So , Aus$330 for the hydro job ..........
    If you have to buy the 20 litre current Aussie size , it's Aus$300 . I don't have a use for so much , but you'd get through Mick :)
  9. LR3 Guy

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    My neighbour hasn't been too happy with the grip on those turf 24x12x12
    that his X came with , so I gave him my unused 26x12x12 turfs from the Super Z Hyperdrive . I've also just changed ( photos to come ) my Ag tyres
    on the Super Z to R4 Industrial 26x12x12 ( from a Kubota BX back hoe )
    for more rubber on the ground .
    Here're Walter's bigger tires AND smaller clearance running 8 psi ;-/

    001 (2).jpg

    002 (2).jpg

    004 (2).jpg
  10. Realslowww

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    How much better do the 26's grip over 24's and how much better do the Deerstone grip on steep hills or slick hills? Thanks.

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