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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GreenTouch LawnCare, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. GreenTouch LawnCare

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  2. gvandora

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    Ummmm, ok. Go America! Right.
  3. GreenTouch LawnCare

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    its people like u that take your freedom granted.
  4. D Felix

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    I hate to break it to you, but when it comes to vehicles, NOTHING is made completely in the US any more....

    They may be assembled here, but I bet a fair amount of the components are made in Mexico or Japan, or somewhere else.

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  5. LandMatters

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    I'd wait on purchasing the new Ford cabover truck. There will no doubt be some serious problems with it in the first year.

    Also, it's not the best policy to buy american because we're american. If ford, chevy or dodge could build a car that runs forever like a Honda or Toyota, I'd say Yeah, go buy ford, but American cars are built like ****. It's a fact of life.

    By the way, just bought a 2004 F-350 diesel, blah blah blah and the transmission had to be replaced at 3000 miles. Now we have a 2005 transmission in our 2004 truck. Seems to be better than the old one since they made more adustments to the tranny...... For those that don't know, (and I didn't know), Ford uses a knock-off Allison transmission. Also, the tires that came on the truck (Pirelli's) are about half worn out at 3500 miles.... what pieces of crap.
  6. GreenTouch LawnCare

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    this is not the first cabover for ford they had them in the past but stop making them. the onlypromlem they might have is with making a 6cyc desiel. other than that it looks pretty good.
  7. Rollacosta

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    iv'e had a lot of ford trucks vans and lorries over the years but a few years ago i switched to japanese trucks wow what a differance not a single problem with them ..most of my fords which i bought new had to go back 2 or 3 times at least in the first 6 months not so with my new nissan trucks..hate to say it but ford will never ever be my first choice again
  8. terracare

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    that's some pretty decent torque for that size engine..
  9. Lawnworks

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    whats wrong w/ a 6 cyl diesel?
  10. rick2752

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    Not to jump into a huge debate but I just hate people who run their mouth about things they dont know about. The ford f-350 transmission is NOT a knock-off allison, it is made and assembled in Sharonville Ohio. They also make the majority of the parts in house. It your tires are worn out at 3500 miles then you need to quit trying to burn out like a little kid and truth be told that is how the tranny got torn out to begin with.

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