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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Sean Adams, May 19, 2005.

  1. Southernscapes Lawncare

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    I have a few questions about sealcoating. I work full time for a local college and they have asked me to check into the feasibility of doing it in house. My questions are :
    1. How often should you re-seal asphalt?
    2. How much would contractors charge per square foot?
    3. We have some large parking lots, would it even be
    feasible to buy the equipment and do it in house?
    4. What size unit would we need and what would be the
    5. What do you know about a company called Asphalt

    Thank you for your help, Kevin
  2. shepoutside

    shepoutside LawnSite Bronze Member
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    1. The Norm is every other year.

    2. Depend on your area, you operating cost, etc. We are not allowed to talk about specific prices on this forum, but most would be in and around the 1/5 of a dollar/ per sq/ft.

    3. You may find a deal for used, thinking new would not be worth it, depending on how large you lots are

    4. Need more info, how much to do? What sealer are you using? Where is your closest dealer? Lots of systems, and depends on what your using it for.

    5. no comment, other then to say there tanks are illegal in Canada
  3. Southernscapes Lawncare

    Southernscapes Lawncare LawnSite Member
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    Shepoutside, Can you tell me why they are illegal in Canada? Thanks for the information.
  4. shepoutside

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    This is want the tank certificate says.........


    (a) the tanks are welded metal tanks;(b) the tanks are used for the application of liquid tar to pavement or to concrete or metallic structures and are fitted with the application equipment for that purpose;(c) the tanks are designed, constructed, filled, closed, secured and maintained so that under normal conditions of transport, including handling, there will be no accidental release of dangerous goods that could endanger public safety;(d) the permit number “TC - SU 838” is visibly and legibly marked on each means of containment with each character at least 50 mm high; and(e) a copy of this permit is carried in the vehicle cab. a) les contenants sont des citernes en métal soudées;b) les citernes sont utilisées pour l’application de goudron liquide pour revêtement, structures en béton ou structures métalliques et s’ajustent à l’équipement conçu à cette fin;c) les citernes sont conçues, construites, remplies, arrimées et entretenues de façon à empêcher, dans des conditions normales de transport, y compris la manutention, tout rejet accidentel de marchandises dangereuses qui pourrait présenter un danger pour la sécurité publique;d) chaque contenant est visiblement et lisiblement marqué du numéro de permis « TC - SU 838 » avec des caractères ayant au moins 50 mm de hauteur;e) une copie de ce permis est conservée dans la cabine du véhicule.

    Note: The issuance of this Permit for Equivalent Level of Safety in no way reduces the permit holder's responsibility to comply with any other requirements of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations not specifically addressed in this Permit.
  5. PROCUT1

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    Before you buy from them, go to tractor supply and put one together yourself for 600
  6. A1 sealcoating

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    I'm weighing all my options, new , self built, or used? Also looking for a dealer/distributor or many=ufacturer in Central NY (near Syracyuse/Utica/Albany) I can order one from out of state but why pay shipping if theres a dealer close to home.
  7. Pro-Tect

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    You do not need TSU numbers on tanks under 100 gallons anymore.
  8. SurfaceMax

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    The "Asphalt Kingdom" is a joke and it should be obvious.
    A guy in his 20's that's the "Asphalt King" :rolleyes: how come nobody in the business knows him-the "king"?

    Go to the National Pavement Exposition in Charlotte next January and see if the site isn't a laughingstock, and see if any of those type machines are exhibited alongside the dozens of brands & types of "real" sealcoating equipment. (And you can take some courses on how to do all this and look at the real machines-even the guys from the college maintenance Dept.-lots of Cities send crews)

    Among those actually in the industry that site is an often laughed at joke. It's one of those things that could have never happened without the Internet.
    There are similar sites for everything about pavement like striping, other sealcoating sites (very similar-almost exactly like asphalt kingdom) and similar all over the Internet including a little "paver" these type sealcoating "systems" and line striping.
    All have the same things in common. Internet sites that make something look much more simple than it is, machinery that they have developed so you don't need machines from companies that have been making them 20 or 30 years, and the fact you can "get rich quick" in this lucrative business. (Whichever one they are advertising).

    PS: To the guy in NY there are several dealers around up there, not endorsing but I know a guy who bought an Equipt brand machine from a dealer somewhere in that part of the country (probably within 100 miles of you) so other major brands probably have dealers too-competition is stiff-this is a slow year for them too.

    The "Asphalt King" machines couldn't even begin to apply our products or even a "normal" high quality sealer. They will wear out fast, and it's just not as easy as the sites make it seem. It's like one of the sites for line striping (something much more simple than sealcoating) has a "get rich quick" machine that pumps up like a garden sprayer and they show it painting a couple of lines in a video and explain what great money you can make. If you go to "real" striping forums you will find many striping contractors bought one of these and sold a few jobs and never even completed one job before figuring out this wouldn't work, or some may have struggled through several jobs; but all eventually realized they needed a "real" striping machine from a "name brand" company and it was a tough-competitive business; no "get rich quick".

    Sealcoating is even worse because there are many more factors involved in knowing how to do the work. There is only one site I know with a decent course on how to do sealcoating at They don't sell anything like a machine of theirs or tell you this is easy...but a course on "how to" and even though the course is good for what it is; even it can only cover the basics, not every circumstance you could encounter.

    Also this year has been horrible in the sealcoating & other pavement businesses because of huge price increases on materials/fuel/etc. and many contractors who went into business in the last few years when the economy was going great and were making "easy money" now face one small job that may have 5 or 6 people bidding it at super-low prices because they are just trying to make payments on equipment and survive.

    For the college people. Don't even think of "in house". You can get great bids from contractors with your type work and you don't have the skill-set, it's not just slopping black stuff on the pavement.
    To anyone considering sealcoating I would advise getting that course. Then you will know how to do a good basic job, how to evaluate what type/size machinery you will need (they show several types & explain pros & cons of each with no endorsement-just information) and you can decide if this is something you really want to get into; especially in a year where it's "dog eat dog" in competition from contractors already out there.

    Because of that if you have an avenue to sell sealcoating jobs (like to your landscape customers) you will be WAY better off to find a sealcoating contractor who needs the work and sub-contracting it. You can make a hundred or more depending on the size of the job & how good you "sell" and you never have to break a sweat or risk any money on equipment etc.
    That's the REAL easy money. Let somebody else do the work and you make the money by selling it. Maybe not quite as many dollars but when you consider no investment-no risk-no taxes-no employees-no regulations, it is SO easy to subcontract these days because there are so many contractors who already have all the "stuff" looking for work.
    I know one contractor in Houston who has been making a fortune"paving and he has never touched any asphalt,just found a good paving contractor who didn't have his sales skills. So the paver works cheap for him, he sells the jobs, and goes by a few times so the customer thinks it's his "crew" and he has been cleaning up while never getting dirty.

    (I will note there are a VERY few markets where sealcoating & such is still going good so this wouldn't work but in most of the country contractors are hurting-so sell the jobs and get somebody else to handle the headaches...and I have NO personal interest in this since I only deal with higher end specialty products not what you are discussing here)

    PS: To the fellow in NY, I know a guy in that rea that bought an Equipt brand so they have a dealer around there somewhere, and that means some of the others must too. It's stiff competition for them also, but stay away from an outfit that makes little plastic tank rigs w/crack sealers & everything "all in one" in the NY area. They are way overpriced by about 8 grand and I have heard a lot of complaints about the durability.
  9. SealCoatPlus

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    sealmaster is about 100 miles from the hudson valley and have a lot of great units for a great price
  10. Asphalt Kingdom

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    After reviewing the posting on the forum, I see that this comment was posted back in 2008. I tried to locate this customer in our CRM system to view if he had any issues with the products he purchased from us; I unfortunately did not have any luck.

    We sell a substantial amount of products to both homeowners and contractors across Canada and the USA, like any other large companies, you will always have the odd customer who will be unhappy or not satisfied with his or her purchase. Without knowing exactly who this customer is I am unable to tell you what the outcome of the situation was or what was done to correct the problem.

    If this customer did not purchase from Asphalt Kingdom, it is possible that he just simply a competitor trying to make Asphalt Kingdom look like a non reputable company. Unfortunately, in these cases there is not much we can do.

    I am sorry that you stumbled across this bad review of our company and I do hope that you will give us a try. We do our very best to insure our customers are happy from the time they call in for expert advice, right till they sealcoat their last driveway.

    If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact Asphalt Kingdom 1-866-399-5562

    The Asphalt Kingdom Team


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