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Discussion in 'Employment' started by Sean Adams, Mar 2, 2005.

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    Although this has been a "sub-forum" for awhile, I decided to make it it's own forum to stand on its own. A lot of requests had been made recently for this type of option.

    In this forum you can post both as an employer and potential employee. If you are looking for employees, simply place an ad and people will respond accordingly. If you are looking for a job, post your resume and information about yourself (where you are, where you are willing to work, etc...)


    For now we are going to keep this free of charge. If this becomes a lot of work for the moderators or starts to have server issues attached, then we may attach a small price tag >>> ($X amount for ad to run X number of days) and ($X amount to post your resume), and so on.

    This should not be as much of a discussion forum as it is a reference or a place to gather information. If someone places an ad and you have a general question, post accordingly. But if the questions you have are directed at a person, business, etc.... you should them a private message through the site. If yo are a new member and do not have this access yet, post on the site.

    Let's keep this forum clean and smooth for the betterment of the community as a whole. Remember, and Lawn Care Success are merely providing this forum as a portal for information. We do not take responsibility for the dealings that occur between employee/employer as a result of this site.

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