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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hammanservicesllc, Dec 30, 2009.

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    Hello everyone! After several summers off as a teacher, I realized I needed a new hobby to replace my expensive addiction to golf. So, I worked part-time for a fellow teacher helping him with his lawns and the next summer I started my own lawn care business. I have to say I really enjoyed my first season in the business. I love working outside and I learned so much by starting my own company. Things like accounting, taxes, insurance, and incorporating. I hope to pick up a few accounts this coming season and become more efficient in my balance of career and family. Now it seems I am day dreaming more about stripes and my next trip to lowes than pars and birdies!
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    you day dream about a trip to lowes? What do you buy there, lumber? Congrats on your new hobby. In a few more years you'll want to be back on the course. Are you only working in Chillicothe? or do you service other towns?
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    with that equipment list you will be going to lowes OFTEN. But honestly, after your second season and the novelty wears off you will be saying "what was i thinking" hahaha. good luck to you.
  4. hammanservicesllc

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    LOL! Yeah I do need lumber. My winter project is to fix up my garage. I only have 10 accounts, all in Chillicothe. This kept me busy during spring and fall. In the summer it is perfect because I can do them all in 1 day. This leaves me plenty of time to spend with my kids. When they get older I am going to renew my golf membership and will be spending a few days a week golfing again.

    I realize not all my equipment is commercial grade. I would love to have Stihl or Echo equipment but I could not justify buying for my first year in business.

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