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  1. westcoh

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    Since 2005, hard to believe it's been that long already! How's things looking up there this year? Are you guys close to starting up for the season yet? Seems like we're still atleast 3 weeks out or so here right now.
  2. ROS_Grounds

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    I would like to start spring tomorrow but could be May 1 by the time we start... which is not an exciting idea!
  3. Tuttled

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    Here in Saskatoon, I am predicting May 5th or 6th before we turn a wheel ! Snow here again for the third day in a row! Then it will only be fluff/cut/and fertilizer till after the May long weekend!
  4. Jamie James

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    I flew out to Calgary last Sept and bought a 1976 Toyota Land cruiser pickup and drove it back to Ontario. What a experience and the people out there are nice. When we got into Moose jaw we stayed over and hit a bar what a night.
  5. ROS_Grounds

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    Just a quick update:

    We have had a phenomenal start to the season... completed about 130 Spring Cleanups... other mowing and tilling... we have booked so much commercial mowing that we have been forced to put another truck on the road... I had been hoping but now my hand is forced... A good feeling! We are also booking 45 days in advance for landscaping projects now... starting with replacing 50th Sq ft of sod for the local county office.

    We just added a pair of Exmark commercial 30's... These are terrific mowers! The JD 22's don't come off the trailer unless we run into an ultra small area or gate that the 30's won't fit.

    And after getting our new Classen power rake, we won't use anything else... definitely will get more of these!

    I hope yall have had just as good season thus far!

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