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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here but have been reading on the forum for almost 2 years. I live in Belgium ( land of the best beer and best chips in the world :clapping:) Although in a different situation than most of you guys, i've learnt a lot on this forum. My father started our business in '92 and i've been working with him from 2006. We are specialised in landscaping maintenance ( especially hedge trimming, way too many hedges over here ;)) and pruning. I hope to learn alot over here and maybe i can share my knowledge with you guys.
    P.S.: apologies for bad grammar or incorrect spelling, my english is not too perfect :rolleyes:
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    Hello From Dublin
    It is interesting how they do business on the other side of the pond! One thing I have picked up on is the zero turn mowers. We bought 2 this year, a Ferris and a Amazone Profihopper 4x4i. The Amazone is saving us €250+ a week in time and I use the Ferris instead of small mowers which means I don't have to bring a crew member with me, so you could say the Ferris saves me €500.00 a week! Re hedges... they are a pain, we have the same problem over here, for the really long ones we use a flail mounted on a tractor. Anyway best of luck.
    Regards Cian
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    For the real long/tall hedges, i plan to buy a small front loader with hedge trimmers (how does the flail mower perform? It cuts clean and sharp?). The ztr's are really worth their weight in gold (used to cut with iseki sf but i ain't going back for sure plus the ferris is much more nimble thus better suited for a diversity of smaller and large accounts). They do have an interesting way of doing business although much is the same as with us (same troubles with customers/ personnel, same way of marketing,...). Never hurts to listen and learn from other people. And i have to admit: i envy the way this guys help out each other. Over here there is much more jealousy and unhealthy competition (not meaning lowballers but more meant as: happiness if someone else fails).
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