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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by HeadsUpGV, Apr 11, 2008.

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    Hello all... Just joining the forums here. I have spent a bit of time reading the posts and decided I wanted to be a part of the fun ;) Hope this first post isn't too long.

    I just started my own dedicated residential irrigation company in upstate SC. I have no desire to branch into commercial landscaping or to run this business for the rest of my life, although I do enjoy it (or I would not have started my own :))

    My education was received during the summers starting 7 years ago in Charleston, working for a man that was just starting in the field and did it only during the summers. I learned by trial-and-error along with him. During this past summer, I virtually ran the company for him all summer. From what I could tell, we did some of the highest-quality work in the area, and the highest quality possible according to our experience and knowledge.

    I know there are many different ways to do things. I hope to learn different, and maybe better, ways of business and installation. So I would appreciate opinions and value judgements on the way that I do things - anything that will help me be the best I can be.

    I install:
    Controller: Pro-C
    Heads: Pro-Spray, I-20, PGJ
    1" Class 200 PVC
    Valves: PGV and Rainbird DV+press reg. (for drip)
    Wireless Rain-Clik on every job
    Backflow: Wilkins 950
    Tap-in: 3/4" PEX Compression Tee (is there a better way to hook into PEX and get to PVC?)

    I use head-to-head coverage and match precipitation rates (ie, knowing that my I-20 with a 2GPM nozzle in a 180deg. arc will put out the same amt. as a 1GPM in a 90deg. arc) and also take into consideration slope and type of soil.

    I use a locating company BEFORE I dig. =)

    Any suggestions? I am open to criticisms, or I would not have posted! Thanks so much.
  2. AI Inc

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    Welcome aboard. Dont mind runaway threads or my poor spelling.
  3. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    hahahahah L)
  4. Wet_Boots

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    Buy one of these machines, and pull your pipe, instead of trenching. I'll forward your info to a good knee-replacement surgeon :p

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    Don't have any suggestions yet. What is your soil type and what kind of pressure do you generally run into?
  6. HeadsUpGV

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    Give me some makes and models =)

    I use an EZ Trench Groundsaw (there are probably a variety of opinions about that!) and I am happy with it. What sort of challenges does pulling instead of trenching present? No exp. whatsoever with pulling pipe. The ground up here is all red clay with lots of random rock.

    As far as pressures - JUST started up here, my installs in Charleston usually had 45-50 PSI to the heads. Just learned about misting and pressure-reg. to spray heads, so I think I will be using inst. sprays when I need to, and also taking advantage of the MP Rotator nozzles. I used them for the first time recently and was very pleased.

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    Don't pull in clay. How fast and deep does that EZ trench move? Can you still usevit when the soil is really dry?
  8. HeadsUpGV

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    Re: the trencher, I have a carbide-tipped blade (it is like a saw blade). The come from the factory with an 8HP Honda - I got a used one w/no engine, cleaned up and tuned up, added a Honda 11HP with a new pulley, and it works great. 2 1/2" wide trench up to 13" deep. I usually run 8-10" deep and can do 100 feet in less than 5 min (with hard ground and occasional roots).
  9. Rotor_Tool

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    Welcome to the madness. You'll find some people here are fairly opinionated especially with regard to product. Having said that, at least you have chosen the right valves, the rest of your line-up needs some work. Enjoy!:clapping:
  10. Wet_Boots

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    You want to have local support for your next trencher, so you can beat it up on that clay.

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