New FSA 135 R. So far so good.


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Recently picked up the new Stihl battery Kombi powerhead with onboard battery compartment and so far I really like it. I've been wanting to add some electric to my collection as some customers in my area are in to that and the Kombi seemed the most economical way to go at this time.
The 135 R is heavy with the AP300 battery but the run time with the pole saw and hedger attachhment is way more than my needs demand. I'm sure there are other decent battery tools on the market but I've never had a problem with Stihl or my local dealer so the choice was pretty easy. Of course battery can't yet replace high-powered gas tools but on the smaller side of things they do a very nice job.


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Upstate NY
I have an HSA 66 hedge trimmer with an AP100, and the fastest charger (no real improvement on the AP100 but planning on getting bigger or backpack way down the track) and it gives me about an hour runtime which is fine given the whole thing is so light when using over shoulders etc. I have a potential helper who's a solid worker but he has issues with rotator cuff so the idea of getting something with instant on for trimmer is appealing. I'd rather have a couple of AP100(S) versus the heavy AP300(S). Wouldn't be bad on the hip belt tho.

Are you using it with things other than hedge trimmer and polesaw attachments?

My one concern is that I have no hesitation leaving my 2 strokes out in the rain and snow, I guess keeping just the battery power head in the truck cab wouldnt be too bad I already do with the 66.

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