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New Gear List - Need Advice


LawnSite Member
Houston, Texas
This is the setup I am thinking getting.

Toro 22176

Echo SRM261T Trimmer
Echo PE230 Edger
Echo PB403 Blower

All under $2000 new with tax.

I was thinking of getting the Toro with the Honda engine, but hear that Honda gives lesser quality engines to other manufactures and saves the better for their own brand gear. It is also .5 less HP.

I was also thinking of ditching the Echo edger for a Edget since they fit the Echo brand without a adapter and saves me time/money.

Please tell me what you guys think.

I went with the Echo over Stihl because the 4-Mix scares me.
I was told the Toro mulches better than the Snapper.
I was going to add a 32-36inch wb once I get more accounts.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
That's a nice mower. About how much does that mower go for? Also, definitelt stick with the true edger instead of the "edgit". you are NOT going to cut through an inch of sod with an "edgit". I'd just l;ook into a wheeled edger (McClane) if you don't have one already. This way you have the power to cut initial edges with ease. I have the Stihl FS85 straightshaft and I can tell you that while it works great, stickedgers are over rated. They are great for quickness on and off the trailer, but you do NOT want to be doing big jobs with them. Push edgers are just SO muck easier to use. You can guide them with two fingers, and they have much more power.


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Houston, Texas
Thanks for the info, I went with no edger because I did not like the stick Echo and found myself just useing the trimmer instead.

The mower is $1000 with kawa $1100 with honda.
I will look into a wheeled edger today, do they have any pro ver under $300?

The Mad Man

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South Carolina

I agree with Runner....... A push edger is the way to go.
I bought my Mclain edgers at Home Depot for $250 each.
I am partial to McLain. I have had the best luck with them. :D
Good luck with the business.