New Grass Over Old Grass?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by devnuts, Jun 2, 2008.

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    I am planting some new grass over a space that already has some grass (mostly weeds). I plan on putting some topsoil down as well. Can I just 'till the area, put top soil down, and seed? Or do I need to remove the weeds altogether?
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    Depending on the size of the area maybe just pull the weeds and rake in the soil as a topdress to the old grass and a cover for the new seed.
    But if you do till - definately clean off anything that is not quality seedbed material - little weeds buried in the soil are not a big problem unless they regrow.
    Another option is to glysophate them if they are something of an invasive critter like quackgrass.

    We call tilling quackgrass, transplanting.
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    Dont much work and you won't like the results...especially this time of year.

    Normally I would say just run a power seeder through it 2 times, but it is getting late in season and you will be fighting weeds all summer. 3-4 week ago would have been ideal for spring seeding, but I would wait until fall.

    I would suggest waiting until Sep 1st and the spot spray weeds like tall fescue clumps, bermuda, etc... and just power seed with blue grass for TTTF.

    You will get great results with only a few hours worth of work.

    There is a video on our website that shows how to do it.


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