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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by pt747, Apr 2, 2010.

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    I am in the construction buisiness, not the landscaping buisiness, so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. We recently got into the paving business. We tore out and replaced a few driveways late last year (October), my house included. We back filled the perimeters with fresh screened top soil and I put down Scotts Fall Mixture seed and told the customers AND myself that I would be back in spring if grass didnt grow. They paid me extra for the backfilling and seed. Well..........I have a circular drive that required a lot of top soil and I skimped in sections to save some $$$$, dumb. So the soil now, after a harsh winter has compacted about an inch below driveway and grass is starting to grow a bit, but not every where. What are my best options for my house?? All 3 other homes are fine but may need some new sed in sections, but my house is mainly stiill hard dirt. Should I re-apply additional soil and re-seed or just add more seed and hope for some rain? After this, I will now tell customers that they will have to hire a landscaping company to backfill and seed.

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    Quote from pt747: "Id recommend killing entire lawn and starting from scratch or getting a professional to do so, but even then, they dont know what thier doing!"

    Isn't this a quote from you, in the thread "Just bought a house with weeds for a lawn" ?

    So why would you, be asking us, such a silly question ?
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    Ouch! Good catch!
  4. Turboguy

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    Yes, good catch but on the other hand if everyone knew what they were doing what would we need lawnsite for?
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    I was simply giving my 2 cents on what worked for me with the amount of weeds that guy had and what I had to do for my weed problem, jeeez:)

    I am asking in this post if I can simply add more seed to my existing bare soil areas or should I apply additional soil and seed. Sounds stupid but just asking. Man, this can be a harsh site.
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    Harsh? You are the one saying Pro's don't know what they are doing.

    So,....anyway, the choice is yours. Do you want your soil 1" below your driveway or what? 1/2" below, Flush, or sloping up from. As far as putting down the soil, you should roll it as you do, depending on how much you put, controls weather you roll in layers. That is how you avoid settling of the soil. If you did not roll it before, it is probably not compaction (Unless someone has been driving on it), but settling, as the air is squeezed out, over time. The soil is more fluffy when first put down, and settles over time. That is the reason for rolling a new lawn. If you are just going to put seed, may I suggest you scratch up the surface of your bare spots, so you get good soil to seed contact. If small spots, walk on it after seed, If big spots roll over it after seed, to press the seed into the soil. Then try to keep moist till a little after germinating.

    And in the future, how 'bout giving the pro's a little credit, and not come on bashing. I've not come on here and told people Construction Worker's don't know what they are talking about.
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    Ok, fair enough.........Ive just came accross a lot of shady lawn companies, seeing them on job sites, as I do see much the same with so-called "Pro Construction Contractors." Sorry to all offended!

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    and i have run across just as many construction contractors. maybe you need to learn there is a difference between a professional landscape contractor and joe blow that does it out of the back of his minivan, just as there is a difference between contractors and some of the hacks running around here.

    on the other hand if you would like a professional expeirenced company to come take a look and fix it for you PM me in in your area.
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    you should just find a good landscape company that you are comfortable with, and sub the seed out to them, you can mark it up so you make some $ and the ho are happy to only have to find 1 company. in return, on build jobs they can try to get you some work. its a win win

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